Advanced digital photomicrography
Digital cameras have made photography through a microscope much easier than when film was used. Check out our hints and tips on advanced techniques to improve your photomicrographs.

Stacking and stitching
Computer-assisted techniques for increasing depth of field and field of view.

Ever wondered how those close-ups that are sharp from front to back are made? It was almost impossible with film, but digital techniques allow you to take photographs at different depths into a subject, and combine the sharpest portions into a single photograph.

Have you seen impressive extreme wide-angle landscape photographs? Learn how to use the same techniques to combine multiple photographs of portions of microscopic subjects into a single high-resolution photo.

We can’t include everything in our website, so here are collections of links to other websites that we believe will be of interest to microscopists, including other clubs, sources of instructions and catalogues, and suppliers.

Free leaflets and booklets published by the Club.

Little Imp Archival Series
Full text and images from 14 CD-ROMs of hard-to-find books and catalogues, originally compiled by Brian Bracegirdle.

Setting up Köhler illumination
Köhler illumination is generally accepted as the best way to get bright, uniform and controllable light for transmitted light microscopy, and is particularly important if you will be taking photographs through your microscope.

Making Rheinberg illumination discs
You are probably familiar with transmitted darkground illumination, with a brightly-lit subject against a black background. Rheinberg takes this a stage further, using contrasting colours to light the subject and the background.

Photo of the month
Showcase for photographs by members of the Club, including ones that have received Barnard Awards.

Pond nets
Many microscopists are interested in the organisms to be found in ponds and streams, and nets are a good way to obtain specimens.

Recommended books
Here is a list of books that we hope will prove useful to microscopists.

UK sources of used microscopes
Here are lists of dealers, meetings and auctions where you can buy used microscopes, accessories and books.

Understanding the microscope
A series of articles by Jeremy Sanderson intended as a self-contained introduction to light microscopy for people new to microscopes.

A collection of older articles that were previously featured on the website, all definitely still worth reading.

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