Sussex Biological Recorders’ Seminar

Saturday 10th February 2024

I attended the 33rd Sussex Biological Recorders’ Seminar in Haywards Heath and set up a small presentation for the Quekett Microscopical Club. There was a steady stream of visitors to our stand during the breaks between talks and our handouts on microscopy and the Club were quite popular.

Quekett standQuekett stand

Visitor to the Quekett standVisitor to the Quekett stand

The attendance at the seminar was excellent with more than 130 on the participants list.


The seminar talks were, as always, excellent and covered a wide range of topics including bees, camera traps, wasps, adders, tracking fish in the Channel and Surveying Brighton Downland farms.

Our stand was set up next to the Friends of Warnham Local Nature Reserve, where some of my photomicrographs were also displayed, as I am a member of both organisations.

Friends of Warnham Local Nature ReserveFriends of Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Thanks to Quekett members Mark Berry, Neil Henry (representing the Friends of Warnham Local Nature Reserve) and to Luke Whitehead who, although not a Quekett member, provided transport and support for the day.

Report and photographs by Graham Matthews

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