Advice for contributors

The Quekett Journal of Microscopy publishes articles and papers on all aspects of the microscope, with an emphasis on light microscopy, its history and its applications from both amateur workers and professionals.

The language of the Journal is English, with spelling according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary. Abbreviations must be explained when they are first used. SI units are used unless a historical context requires otherwise. Authors of taxonomic names are given in full only when first used.

Help is always freely provided; please do not hesitate to make contact before commencing a submission. Using the form below please contact the Honorary Secretary who will put you in contact with someone who has experience of publishing articles in the Journal and in the Quekett Bulletin:

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    Preparation of manuscripts

    Where possible, manuscripts should be prepared as plain text (unformatted) using Microsoft Word and submitted as electronic files. Please avoid using extensive formatting. The first page should include the title and a summary. The full address of each author will be printed at the end of the paper.

    References are best designated by a bracketed consecutive number [32]; at the end of the manuscript provide a detailed list of them in the order they appear in the text. The place of publication and publisher of a book must be included, and the name of each journal must be given in full in italics.

    Footnotes are not used.


    Authors are encouraged to submit plenty of images (colour where possible) to illustrate each article. Illustrations, tables and graphs should NOT be embedded into the text but provided as separate electronic files. For effective reproduction, the minimum file size for pictures is 1.5 MB. Magnifications are best given by a bar on the illustration, with a note of its actual length in the caption.

    Please do not integrate illustrations into the text of the manuscript.

    Submitting manuscripts

    Manuscripts should be sent electronically to the Editor, either as e-mail attachments (maximum 10 MB per e-mail) or posted on a CD-ROM. Receipt will be acknowledged by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible, but no responsibility can be accepted for any loss of or damage to any material submitted.

    Manuscripts will normally be considered for publication only if they have not been published elsewhere. The Editor of the Journal may forward a submission on to the Editor of the Bulletin if this seems appropriate.

    Review of manuscripts

    In addition to reading by the Editor, manuscripts may be sent to one or more referees for review; authors will be kept informed as to the progress of their submissions. The Editor finally  decides if a paper is to be accepted. If one is not, the opinions of referees may be quoted to the author.

    Proofs and off-prints

    Page proofs are normally only checked by the Editor and a colleague.

    Twenty off-prints of major articles are sent free of charge to the author. Due to the logistics of production, more are not usually available.

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