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Members of the Quekett have kindly allowed us to use some of their photographs on the Club’s website. The design of the site does not allow us to acknowledge the photos in situ, so they are collected here with details of the photographer, subject and equipment.

Copyright of these photographs is owned by the named photographers.

Gyrinus swimming leg

Gyrinus swimming leg (home slider)

Photograph Copyright © Dr David Linstead. Swimming leg of whirligig beetle (Gyrinus sp.) by polarised light.

Doto sp.

Doto seas slug (home slider)

Photograph copyright © James Robson. Nudibranch sea slug (Doto sp.) by dark-ground illumination.

Diaphorodoris luteocincta

Nudibranch (Diaphorodoris luteocincta)

Photograph Copyright © Terry Hope. Nudibranch sea slug (Diaphorodoris luteocincta (M. Sars)) by dark-ground illumination.

Potentilla leaf

Potentilla leaf (home slider)

Photograph Copyright © Brian Singleton. Leaf of cinquefoil (Potentilla reptans L.) under dark-ground illumination, Nikon Coolpix CP4500, generic stereomicroscope (maker unknown). Mount by Ernie Ives.

Actinoptychus heliopelta

Fossil diatoms (home slider)

Photograph Copyright © Dr David Linstead. Fossil diatoms (Actinoptychus heliopelta Grunow) by incident light.

Silk moth antenna

Silk moth antenna (home slider)

Photograph Copyright © Dr David Linstead. Antenna of silk moth, by dark-ground illumination.

Cat tongueCat tongue (home slider)

Photograph Copyright © Dr David Linstead. Transverse section of the tongue of a cat, under polarised light.

Culex pipiens larva

Mosquito larva (home slider)

Photograph copyright © Alan Wood. Larva of a mosquito (Culex pipiens L.); slide by T. Gerrard & Co. Olympus Zuiko Auto-Macro 38 mm f/2.8, Olympus Telescopic Auto Tube, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS Utility, dark-ground illumination from an LED ring light, background cleaned up with Photoshop Elements II.

Partridge feather

Partridge feather (stacked image)

Photograph Copyright © Dr David Linstead. Taken with a 6.3× objective and polarised light. Stack of 20 images.

Wing scales of Chrysiridia ripheus

Chrysiridia ripheus green scales

Photograph Copyright © Professor Maurice Moss. Iridescent wing scales of a moth, Chrysiridia ripheus (Drury). Nikon Coolpix 4500 camera on a Watson System 70 microscope with ×10 objective. Illuminated with a very oblique light source, set up to light the scales in the direction that they lie along the wing.

Vulture louse

Vulture louse (stitched image)

Photograph Copyright © Dr David Linstead. A large louse (~ 4 mm) from a Bengal Vulture; slide made by Charles Collins Junior, who sold slides under the name “Micro-naturalist”. Canon EOS 40D camera on a Nikon Diaphot inverted microscope with LWD 0.55 Phase/DIC condenser. Nikon ×10 Plan DIC objective. A total of 1529 images in 48 stacks. Differential interference contrast (DIC).

Coryne eximia

Medusa under Rheinberg illumination

Photograph Copyright © Carel Sartory. A fluid mount of a newly-liberated medusa of Coryne eximia Allman. Stack of 22 images. Rheinberg illumination using a filter with a blue central patch and a yellow outer ring.

Polyester mesh

Polyester mesh under Rheinberg illumination

Photograph Copyright © Carel Sartory. Colourless polyester mesh under Rheinberg illumination using a yellow/red quadrant filter with a black central stop.

Diatom Crown

Gatrell diatom crown

Photograph Copyright © Brian Davidson. 160 Diatoms and sponge spicules arranged as a crown by William Gatrell. The centric forms give a striking diffraction effect under dark-ground illumination.

Palate of Trochus cinereus

Trochus cinereus palate

Photograph Copyright © Brian Davidson. Palate of a marine snail, Trochus cinereus, from a slide made by T. T. Hennah in 1864. Olympus BH-2 microscope with a 16mm objective, using differential interference contrast (DIC).

Daphnia pulex

Daphnia pulex head

Photograph Copyright © Graham Matthews. Live wet mount of the water-flea Daphnia pulex (Linnaeus).

Insect in Drosera

Insect in Drosera

Photograph Copyright © Duncan Edmonds. An insect trapped by the insectivorous sundew plant Drosera.

Eggs of cabbage white butterfly

Cabbage white eggs

Photograph Copyright © Alan Casperd. Eggs of Pieris brassicae (Linnaeus).

Christmas tree arrangement of diatoms

Klaus Kemp Christmas tree

Photograph Copyright © Tony Saunders-Davies. Slide of arranged diatoms by Klaus Kemp. Rheinberg illumination.

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