Who Should Join the Anglian Microscopy Group?

Many professionals use microscopes in their jobs, and they are often regarded as emblematic of anything to do with science, but there’s no reason why you need to be a scientist to either enjoy them or to use them in other aspects of your life. So here’s a list of the type of folk who should seriously consider joining the Group.

Natural History enthusiasts

The hidden microscopic world is just as interesting and important as the big stuff! A small jar of pond water can introduce you to more unusual animals and plants than you thought possible. We will have field guides to assist in identification and you can even photograph or video your finds. That’s a testate amoeba below.

Photography enthusiasts

Taking photographs through the microscope is an absorbing and fascinating part of microscopy. There are many different ways of doing so and we will give advice and help you to achieve those really good results. One of the founding members of the Group – Steve Durr – is an expert photomicroscopist who produces impressive photos and videos – he’s there to help! The photo of Micrasterias below is one of Steve’s.


Microscopes are essential for disease identification and help in pest control. You’ll need a full understanding of microscopy if you wish to progress your qualifications as a beekeeper. We can help with that and will be running classes to help beekeepers pas the BBKA Microscopy Certificate assessment. Bee proboscis shown below, just one of the many bee related slides we’ll be making.

Anyone with a microscope!

There are thousands of microscopes tucked away in family homes that are unused because no-one knows how they work or what to look at with them. We will give full instruction and help with dozens of projects to put these to good use. The daisy pollen slide below is representative of one of the projects we will be doing.

Professionals who use microscopes in their work

Sad to say there are many professionals and students who struggle with their microscopes because they don’t fully understand the setup and maintenance of the instruments, nor the possibilities they offer. Here’s an opportunity to extend your abilities in a comfortable and friendly environment .