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Books on microscopy

This very comprehensive list was originally compiled by the late Dr Savile Bradbury. Apart from being a distinguished microscopist and scientist in his own right, Savile was President of the Club in the 90’s.

One of the best introductions to the subject is Savile’s own ‘An Introduction to the Optical Microscope’ RMS Handbook No. 1 OUP. It would also be worth mentioning Peter Healey’s ‘Microscopes and Microscopic Life’. Bantam. Now out of print it may be found second hand. Despite its somewhat ‘pop’ approach this little paperback is sound and informative.

Many of these books are now out of print but may be borrowed either through your local library or from the QMC library. New books will be added occasionally as they are published.

Books suitable for the less experienced user and the beginner are shown in italic script.

1) History of the instrument

Bradbury, S. (1967). The Evolution of the Microscope. Pergamon Press.
Bradbury, S. (1968) The Microscope, past and present. Pergamon Press.
Turner, G. L’E. (1980) Essays on the history of the microscope. Senecio Publishing.
Ruestow, E. G. (1996) The microscope in the Dutch Republic: the shaping of discovery. C.U.P.
Fournier, M. (1996). The fabric of life: Microscopy in the seventeenth century. Johns Hopkins University Press.

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2) The instrument

Barer, R. (1959). Lecture notes on the use of the microscope. Blackwell.
Barron, A. L. E. (1965). Using the microscope. 3rd edn. Chapman & Hall.
Bradbury, S. (1989). Introduction to the optical microscope. (Revised edn.) RMS Handbook No 1. O.U.P.
Bradbury, S. (1976). The optical microscope in biology. Edward Arnold.
Carpenter W. B. & Dallinger W. H. (1901). The microscope and its revelations. 8th edn
Gage, S. H. (1943). The microscope. Constable & Co.
Hartley, W. G. (1970). Hartley’s microscopy. Ed Arnold.
Hartley, W, G. (1993). The light microscope: its use and development. Senecio Press.
Martin, L. C. (1966). The theory of the microscope. Blackie.
Martin, L. C. & Johnson, B. K. (1958). 3rd edn. Practical microscopy. Blackie.
McLaughlin, R. B. (1975) Accessories for the light microscope. Microscope Publications Ltd.
Needham, G. H. (1958). The practical use of the microscope. Thomas.
Payne, B. O. (1957) Microscope design and construction. Cooke Troughton & Simms
Pluta, M. (1988). Advanced Light microscopy Vol 1. Basic principles.
(1989). Advanced light microscopy Vol 2. Specialized methods
(1993). Advanced light microscopy Vol 3 Measurement techniques
[All these three volumes are very advanced and use a very mathematical approach.]
Richardson, J. H. (1991). Handbook for the light microscope – a working manual. Noyes Publications.
Slayter, E. M & Slayter, H. S. (1992). Light and electron microscopy. C. U. P.
Smith, R. F. (1994). Microscopy and photomicrography – a working manual 2nd edn. CRC Press.
Spitta, E. J. (1909). Microscopy. John Murray.
RMS Dictionary of light microscopy. (1989). RMS Handbook No. 15. Oxford Science Publishers.
Thomas, C. & Woolnough, L. (2014). Understanding and using the light microscope. Milton Contact Ltd.
White, G. W. (1966). Introduction to microscopy. Butterworth.
Woolnough, L. (2010). Understanding and using the Stereomicroscope. Q.M.C
Zieler, H. W. (1972, 1973). The optical performance of the light microscope, parts I and II. Microscope publications Ltd. Chicago.

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3) Polarised light microscopy

Craig, J. R. & Vaughan, D. J. (1981). Ore microscopy and ore petrography. Wiley
Gay, P. (1982). An introduction to crystal optics. Longman.
Hallimond, A. P. (1970). Manual of the polarizing microscope. Cooke, Troughton & Simms Ltd. York.
Hartshorne, N. H. & Stuart, A. (1970). Crystals and the polarizing microscope. Edward Arnold.
McCrone, W. C. McCrone, L. B. & Delly, J. G. (1978). Polarised light microscopy. Ann Arbor.
Robinson, P. C. & Bradbury, S. (1992). Qualitative polarized light microscopy. RMS Handbook No. 09. Oxford Science Publications.

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4) Photomicrography and macrophotography

Bracegirdle, B. & Bradbury, S. (1995). Modern photoMICROgraphy. RMS Handbook No. 33. Bios Press.
Bracegirdle, B. (1995). Scientific photoMACROgraphy. RMS Handbook No. 31. Bios Press.
Croy, O. R. (1961). Camera close up. Focal Press.
Kodak Ltd. Photography through the microscope
Kodak Ltd. Close up photography and photomacrography.
Lawson, D. (1972). Photomicrography. Academic Press.
Loveland, R. P. (1970). Photomicrography – a comprehensive treatise. 2 Vols. Wiley.
Shillaber, C. P. (1944). Photomicrography. Wiley.
Thomson, D. J. & Bradbury, S. (1987). An introduction to photomicrography. RMS Handbook No. 13. Oxford Science Publications.
Walker, M. I. (1971). Amateur photomicrography. Focal press.
White, G. W. ed. (1987). Photomicrography – an introduction. Focal Press.

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5) Techniques (phase contrast, interference, and fluorescence) etc.

Bradbury, S. ed. (1973). Peacock’s elementary microtechnique 4th edn.
Bradbury, S. & Evennett, P. J. (1996). Contrast techniques in light microscopy. RMS Handbook No. 34. Bios Press.
Bradbury, S. (1991). Basic measurement techniques. RMS Handbook No. 23 Oxford Science publications
Flint, O. (1994). Food microscopy. RMS Handbook No. 30. Bios Press.
Greaves, P. H. and Saville, B. P. (1995). Microscopy of textile fibres. RMS Handbook No. 32. Bios Press.
Inoue, S. (1986) Video microscopy. Plenum Press.
McLaughlin, R. B. (1977) .Specialized methods in light microscopy. Microscope Publications.
Ross, K. F. A. (1967). Phase contrast and interference microscopy for cell biologists. Edward Arnold..
Rost, F. W. D. (1992). Fluorescence microscopy. C. U. P.
Rost, F. W. D. (1991). Quantitative fluorescence microscopy. C. U. P.
Sanderson, J. B. (1994) Biological microtechnique. RMS Handbook No. 28. Bios press.

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