Companies and others who can supply microscopes, books, consumables, prepared slides, etc.

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ABRO Microscopenspecialist
A company in the Netherlands with a good selection of used microscopes from major manufacturers.

Sells acupuncture needles that are useful for specimen manipulation.

Agar Scientific
A company in the UK that supplies consumables, accessories and specialist equipment for all disciplines of microscopy, and offers a discount to Quekett members.

Bioquip supply a range of equipment for amateur and professional ecologists and naturalists.

Blades Biological Ltd
Supply cultures of algae and protozoa, Hydra, waterfleas and larger organisms including insects, molluscs, amphibians and reptiles.
UK agent for Carolina Biological Supply Company.

Brunel Microscopes Ltd
Brunel supply a range of good quality stereo and compound microscopes and accessories, suitable for the beginner and more advanced users. They also sell used microscopes and accessories.

German company that sells LED conversion kits for classic microscopes (including ones by Leitz, Nikon, Olympus, PZO, Wild and Zeiss) and accessories for Carl Zeiss Jena and Lomo microscopes.

Cargille-Sacher Laboratories
US company best known for its range of immersion oils; their website includes detailed specifications, a selection guide and background information.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy
UK website of one of the big 4 manufacturers of compound and stereo microscopes.

Cognisys Inc.
Manufacturer of the StackShot for use with microscopes and macro equipment, to help produce stacked images for greater depth of field.

A. J. Cope & Son Ltd
Cope are suppliers of a large and varied range of laboratory equipment and supplies, including microscopes.

Cosmos Biomedical
Suppliers of diagnostic products and training materials to health and research institutions in the UK and worldwide. Their products include stains, stain kits, immersion oil and culture dishes, and they will sell small quantities to amateur microscopists.

Geological suppliers with an extensive range. Part of the UKGE group.

Website where you will find all kinds of early microscopes and accessories including lenses, parts, oil lamps, prepared slides, slide preparation equipment, artwork and slide cabinets.

Graticules Optics Limited
Manufacturer of the stage micrometers and eyepiece reticles formerly made by Graticules Ltd and Pyser-SGI Limited.

GT Vision Ltd
GT Vision supply a range of good quality stereo and compound microscopes and accessories, their own brands as well as Leica, Meiji and Olympus, suitable for beginners and for more advanced users. They can also service and repair microscopes, and have microscopes for rent.

HeliconSoft Ltd
Produce software include Helicon Focus for combining stacks of images to increase depth of field, and Helicon Remote for controlling Canon and Nikon SLR cameras from a computer.

Richard J. Kinch
If you need a custom-made adapter for fitting a camera to a microscope, see examples of what Richard J. Kinch can do.

K-Tec Microscope Services
Based in Stevenage, K-Tec is a distributor for Carl Zeiss microscopes, and their factory-trained engineers can service Carl Zeiss and Nikon microscopes.

Lakeland’s range of household items includes the Vacu-Store bags, containers and pump that can be used with silica gel to dry specimens for making dry mounts, and cake icing turntables that can be used for ringing slides.

Leica Microsystems
One of the big 4 manufacturers of compound and stereo microscopes.

Lighthouse Publications, Inc.
US company that makes coin capsules; intended for storing and displaying coins but also useful for viewing dry powders, granules and crystals under a stereomicroscope. Can be purchased on UK Amazon and eBay websites.

LightScope Services
Paul Wheatley sells Meiji and Ceti microscopes and services microscopes from the major manufacturers. Also offers an extensive range of microscope bulbs and lists a wide range of connectors to allow the use of cameras on the vertical phototube or eyepiece tube of most optical microscopes. Sometimes has used microscopes for sale.

LOMO (1)
This link is for LOMO, the Russian microscope manufacturers based in Leningrad. (American Site).

LOMO (2)
And this one is for the Russian site.

Magnacol Ltd (a.k.a. Scuddlebutt3)
Materials and accessories for histology, microbiology and microscopy, including a good range of stains.

MeCan Imaging Inc
A Japanese company supplying a good range of microscopes and microscope accessories such as microscope adapters, microscope micrometers etc.

Meiji Techno
UK website of a Japanese manufacturer of stereo and compound microscopes.
A UK supplier of Euromex and Novex stereo and compound microscopes.

Micro Instruments Ltd
Clive Cowen’s company, Micro Instruments (Oxford) Ltd, are stockists for Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Meiji among others.

Microscience Ltd
Microscopes, accessories and servicing in the North of England and Scotland, including used microscopes, hire of microscopes, LED conversion kits, stains and cameras.

Microscope Optical Services Ltd
Official dealers for Meiji Techno, Microtec, Nikon, Olympus and CoolLED. Suppliers of accessories, and they have a repair and maintenance service.

Microscope Services Ltd
Supplier of Leica and Motic microscopes and accessories, they also service microscopes.

Microscope Systems Ltd
A UK supplier of Meiji Techno, Microtec, Motic and Olympus stereo and compound microscopes. They also sell accessories and cameras, and service and repair Leica, Meiji, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss microscopes.

Microscope Wizards
A UK company that will service or repair any make or model of light microscope, regardless of its age.

Microscopes America, Inc
Supplier of microscopes for schools, colleges, universities, laboratory, clinical & industrial microscopes, microscope cameras, scales. Also, specializing in microscope services, repair, cleaning, and refurbishing.

J. B. Microscopes Ltd
A UK company that sells Meiji, Motic and Olympus stereo and compound microscopes, and offers servicing and repairs for most makes of microscope. They also sell used microscopes and accessories.

Microscopes Plus Ltd
Microscopes Plus carry a comprehensive range of new and used microscopes, accessories and bulbs etc. They can cover most requirements, whatever your speciality.

Microscopy Supplies and Consultants Ltd (MSAC Ltd)
Supply microscopes from Euromex, Hund, Leica, Meiji, Motic and Novex, and a range of accessories.

Micro-Tools Europe
German company with a range of specialised tools, including JIS screwdrivers for working on Japanese microscopes.

Motic Europe
European website of a Chinese manufacturer of stereo and compound microscopes.

A UK supplier of everything for wildlife, science & environment, including lots of books. They have taken over EFE & GB Nets, and now supply their nets for pond dipping, plankton and entomology.

Nikon Instruments
UK website of one of the big 4 manufacturers of stereo and compound microscopes.

UK website of one of the big 4 manufacturers of stereo and compound microscopes.

Optik Online
A company in Germany with a good range of used microscopes from major manufacturers. Also lots of photographs of antique brass microscopes.

Optovid e.K.
German company with a good range of used microscopes from major manufacturers.

Ian Pell, Bookbinder
A bookbinder in Derby; no website so contact by telephone 01376 583502 or e-mail [email protected].

Pemberley Natural History Books
UK company that provides a mail order service for new and used books to individuals and organisations around the world.

PTR Optics Ltd
PTR Optics supply Meiji Techno phase contrast and polarising microscopes for asbestos identification, as well as test slides approved by HSE and NIOSH.

Stanton Fernald’s company has ceased trading. Alternative LED conversion kits for classic microscopes, including ones by Leitz, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss, are available from eBay seller Microstuff.

Science Exchange
Sell a wide range of used laboratory equipment including used microscopes and microtomes.

Scientific and Chemical Supplies Ltd (SciChem)
Sells laboratory and science equipment for primary, secondary and tertiary education, and laboratory supplies for the commercial and industrial markets. Sells the BMS 10001RMS microscope, an RMS Approved Microscope for secondary schools.

Service Associates
A network of independent microscope sales and service providers in the USA.

Severn Sales
Sell a wide range of new and used laboratory equipment including used microscopes and new CETI and Meiji microscopes.

SKS Science Products
This site features a large selection of laboratory supply products – located in upstate New York.

L. J. Smith & Son
A microscope repair and service company, also a good source of bulbs for older microscopes.

Solmedia Ltd
Sell laboratory supplies, including lots of things of interest to microscopists.

Southern Microscopes
Based in Maidstone, Southern Microscopes sell Nikon, Olympus, Meiji Techno, Microtec and Yenway microscopes, can service several makes, and sometimes have used equipment for sale.

SPI Supplies
Manufacturer and distributor of sample preparation equipment and consumable supply items for light and electron microscope laboratories, featuring just about anything anyone would need in the way of sample preparation equipment and consumable supplies. (USA)

This company offers a wide selection of adaptors and filters for use on cameras and microscopes etc. They list a wide stock range or can make to order – very useful for that hard-to-find item. Well worth a look.

Standard Microscope Emporium
Gianfranco Novarino sells and buys pre-owned microscopes especially by Zeiss, but also by Leitz, Wild, Reichert, Nikon and older British manufacturers.

TAAB Laboratories Equipment Ltd
A UK supplier of instruments and consumables for most aspects of microscopy for the life science and materials markets.

Ted Pella, Inc.
A US supplier of microscopes, tools and supplies, including slides and coverslips.

Tideswell Dale Rockshop
Can supply small saws, diamond bonded abrasive slips etc. to people wishing to make thin sections and are always willing to give advice based on their own experience in this field.

Timstar Laboratory Suppliers Ltd
Suppliers of a large range of general laboratory equipment – their catalogue contains over 150 pages of chemical, laboratory and scientific products. Use the website (reply form button) to order a free catalogue.

TWO-K Manufacturing GmbH
A German company with an English website that sells prepared slides individually and in sets, and has a gallery of photomicrographs. They also sell microscopes.

Vacu Vin
A company in the Netherlands that sells vacuum containers that can be used with silica gel for drying material for dry mounts.

Vision Engineering
Vision Engineering are world leaders in “eyepieceless” and expanded-pupil stereomicroscopes and non-contact measurement systems.

Watkins & Doncaster
Suppliers of a good range of items for naturalists.

Zerene Systems
Rik Littlefield’s company produces Zerene Stacker, software for combining stacks of images to increase depth of field.

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