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We appreciate that not everyone is able to attend Quekett meetings, but there are other clubs and societies of interest to microscopists, in the United Kingdom and in other parts of the world, and this page includes links to the ones that we know about.

We add new sites as and when we discover them, so if you know of one – and think it should be included – please contact the Webmaster. Also contact us please if you find a broken link – sites do change their web addresses and it is often difficult to keep track of these changes – you might spot it first.

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United Kingdom

Royal Microscopical Society
The world’s oldest microscopical society – founded in 1839. Many of its members are professionals, but all keen microscopists, including amateurs, are welcome. The “serious” one, and the GrandDaddy of them all!

Postal Microscopical Society
Founded in 1873 for the circulation of members’ slides and notes by post. Publishes its newsletter Balsam Post quarterly, and also has an AGM and annual exhibition where members can meet. Many members are also members of the Quekett, so a friendly welcome is always ensured.

Anglian Microscopy Group
Our primary purpose is to promote amateur microscopy in all its forms, with special interests in understanding the environment around us, helping beekeepers identify and control diseases and pests, natural history study, assisting students in microscopy, and keeping enquiring minds active with this fascinating pursuit. Monthly meetings in Crowfield, Suffolk.

Iceni Microscopy Study Group
Formed by a group of amateur bee keepers in East Anglia with a common interest in microscopy, now covers all aspects of light microscopy in its monthly meetings in Bergh Apton Village Hall.

Kernow Microscopical Society
Amateur-friendly society for those living in the far south west of the UK, with Saturday afternoon meetings most months in Kea Community Centre, Playing Place.

Leeds Microscopical Society
Amateur-friendly society for those living in north-east England, with 2 evening meetings each month.

Manchester Microscopical & Natural History Society
Amateur-friendly society for people in north-west England, with evening meetings most months.

Northamptonshire Natural History Society
Amateur-friendly society with several sections, including one for microscopy that has 2 evening meetings each month plus an annual exhibition.

Scottish Microscopy Society
Mostly for electron microscopists, but works with the RMS to distribute their Microscopy Activity Kits around Scotland.


Mikroskopische Gesellschaft Wien
A club based in Vienna


Belgian Society for Microscopy
The Belgian Society for Microscopy vzw is a society of professional microscopists from academia, industry and government laboratories.

Koninklijk Antwerps Genootschap voor Micrografie (KAGM)
Although the site of the Royal Antwerp Micrographical Society is mostly in Dutch, there is an English page introducing this society for amateur microscopists.


Club français de microscopie
The club for French amateur microscopists.


Berliner Mikroskopische Gesellschaft e.V.
A club based in Berlin.

Mikrobiologische Vereinigung Hamburg
A club based in Hamburg.

Mikrobiologische Vereinigung München e. V.
A club based in Munich.

Mikroskopie Gruppe Bodensee / MGB
A group of microscopists who meet monthly near Salem.

Mikroskopisches Kollegium Bonn
This group meets regularly on every third Thursday of the month from 18:00 at their host, the Steinmann Institute, University of Bonn.

Tübinger Mikroskopische Gesellschaft e. V.
Open to anyone interested in microscopy, and offers lectures, practical exercises, exhibitions and excursions for hobby microscopists, teachers and students. Based in Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg.


Microscopy Society of Ireland
The Society’s goals are to foster an interest in the science and practice of microscopy, to create a forum for academic and technical dialogue in matters relating to microscopy, and to promote training and education facilities for its members. They have an outreach programme for schools.


Amici del Microscopio
Association of Italian amateur microscopists, dealing mainly with the observation of aquatic organisms.


Nederlands Genootschap voor Microscopie (NGVM)
Members of the Nederlands Genootschap voor Microscopie (NGVM) include beginners and experts, and the society arranges practical evenings, lectures and excursions and publishes the Microwereld magazine. Members of the Quekett have met with members of this Dutch Society for joint meetings.

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Microscopie (NVvM)
The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Microscopie (NVvM) is mainly for professional users of electron microscopes, confocal microscopes and other high-end equipment.

Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)

Nordic Microscopy Society
Known as SCANDEM, the society serves as an active organization focusing on all aspects related to microscopy.


Sociedade Portuguesa de Microscopia


Mikroskopische Gesellschaft Zürich – MGZ
This society was established in 1946 for the promotion of interest in microscopy, microphotography and the microcosm. Its members are mainly amateurs.

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Microscopical Society of Canada


Microscopy Society of America
The Society is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of techniques and applications of microscopy and microanalysis in all relevant scientific disciplines, and aims to provide leadership for the discovery and dissemination of information about microscopy and microanalysis.

American Microscopical Society
An international society of biologists organized to encourage the use of microscopy, whose members are mostly scientists and educators who use various kinds of microscopes in their research and teaching.
The Society has published its journal Invertebrate Biology since 1880, and it ranks among the oldest continuously-published journals in the United States.

Appalachian Regional Microscopy Society
A society for scientists, engineers, educators, professionals and students with interests in microscopy of any type including optical, electron, ion and scanned probe microscopies,

Arizona Imaging and Microanalysis Society
A local professional society in the state of Arizona.

Capital District Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
The purpose of this Society is to increase, disseminate, and promote knowledge of microscopy and microanalysis techniques in the biological and physical sciences in the Capital District region of New York State.

Central States Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
A local society dedicated to the promotion of both microscopy and microanalysis in the scientific research community.

Chesapeake Society for Microscopy
The Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia regional organization for people with interests in any form of microscopy, with a mission to stimulate interest and activities in microscopy.

State Microscopical Society of Illinois
The State Microscopical Society of Illinois is a group of amateur and professional microscopists, with diverse backgrounds and interests in many areas of science, who are bound together by an interest in microscopy.

Indiana Microscopy Society
The purpose of the Society is to increase and diffuse, for scientific and educational purposes only, the knowledge, science and practice of microscopy, imaging and compositional analysis, and associated techniques and to foster communications among people who have an interest in those areas.

Iowa Microscopy Society
The goal of this Society is to bring together researchers of all disciplines interested in microscopy to exchange ideas and information.

Leidy Microscopical Society
Focused mainly on micromounts, meets monthly in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania for workshops, lectures and specimen trading.

Michigan Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
A society based in Michigan.

Microscopy Society of Northeastern Ohio
The Society is a group of professionals and students whose common bond is an interest in the field of microscopy. Society members are associated with local universities, research hospitals and commercial industry, and represent a diverse set of disciplines in the biological and physical sciences.

Microscopy Society of the Ohio River Valley
The Society welcomes all university, industry and government professionals as well as students, commercial microscopy companies and any other individuals with an interest in any form of microscopy.

Midwest Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
The objectives of the Society are to advance scientific research and discovery through the use of microscopy and microanalysis, to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of scientific problems, and to interpret them for the common welfare.

Minnesota Microscopy Society
A society based in Minnesota.

New England Society for Microscopy
The purpose of the Society is to increase, to disseminate, and to promote interchange of knowledge of microscopy and its applications in New England.

New York Microscopical Society
The members of the Society are a friendly mix of scientists and amateurs, whose common purpose is the promotion of all phases of microscopy, theoretical and practical, for professional reasons or for pleasure. Holds Sunday afternoon meetings most months, at their new headquarters in New Jersey.

Northern California Society for Microscopy
The Society was created for those with professional and personal interests in microscopy, and aims to provide a place to network, collaborate and share information regarding various forms of microscopy. The Society is open to all scientists, engineers, technicians, students and industry professionals.

Oklahoma Microscopy Society
A society based in Oklahoma.

Philadelphia Society for Microscopy
Supporting the art and science of microscopy in the Philadelphia region, a group of professional, amateur, and retired microscopists interested in all matters to do with all types of microscopy. They have a Facebook page.

San Francisco Microscopical Society
Founded in 1872, members include microscopists who use the microscope in their employment, and amateurs who work with the microscope for their own diversion and pleasure. Members’ interests include biology and medical studies, mineralogy, diatoms, chemical microscopy and forensic science.

Southeastern Microscopy Society
The Society is a scientific organization comprised of professional microscopists working in the life, medical, and physical sciences. It is dedicated to the advancement of scientific research and discovery through the use of microscopy and its associated methodologies.

Microscopical Society of Southern California
Founded in 1938, the MSSC is devoted to the study and practice of the science and art of microscopy and to the collection and study of related scientific devices. Membership includes individuals with an active interest and experience in optical and electron microscopy and associated science and technology, as well as novices with varied interests.

Texas Society for Microscopy
The purpose of the Society is to further the use, understanding, and knowledge of all aspects of microscopy and their applications as they apply to life sciences, materials sciences and industry.

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South Africa

Microscopy Society of Southern Africa
The Society’s aims are to further microscopy and related topics in all branches of science and to arrange meetings of microscopists (and workers in associated disciplines) in Southern Africa.



Israel Society for Microscopy
The Society serves as a home-base for a vibrant community of professional microscopists from academia, industry and government laboratories, and is also a hub for researchers who do not necessarily identify themselves as microscopists but rely on microscopy techniques.


Japanese Society of Microscopy (JSM)
The Society is a scientific organization of professionals who primarily work with or have an active interest in many kinds of microscopy in diverse fields of material, physical, biological, and medical sciences. The main site is in Japanese (日本顕微鏡学会).


Microscopy Society Malaysia
The Society aims to disseminate and advance knowledge and skills in electron microscopy in various disciplines in Malaysia.


Philippine Association of Microscopists, Inc. (MICROSPHIL)
Professional organization for the advancement of education in microscopy, promotes research, publishing and dissemination of knowledge within the field of microscopy.

Philippine Society of Laboratory Microscopists
A Facebook group with over 2500 members.


Microscopy Society (Singapore)
The purpose of the Society is to promote awareness of microscopy, encourage informal exchange amongst members who are interested in microscopy, and organise activities related to microscopy.


Microscopy Society of Thailand
The Society of is devoted to the promotion of education, research and practice of microscopy and microanalysis techniques in diverse areas, including biological, medical, physical and materials sciences.



Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
The objectives of the Society are to promote within Australia and internationally all forms of microscopy and microanalysis, including, but not limited to, electron microscopy, light microscopy, scanning probe microscopy and electron beam microanalytical techniques.

Postal Microscopical Club of Australia
A club for Australian amateur microscopists that circulates prepared slides by post, and has a newsletter.

New Zealand

Microscopy New Zealand
New Zealand’s professional society for users of microscopes aims to promote microscopy in New Zealand, facilitate opportunities for the training of New Zealand microscopists, and to provide a support network for its members.

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