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This page gives notices and pointers to (roughly) the last six months’ events of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Annual General Meeting 2023

The Quekett Microscopical Club AGM will be on Tuesday 7th March 2023 at 5:30pm in the Neil Chalmers Seminar Room of the Natural History Museum, London.

Members unable to attend in person can join via Zoom


Thursday 23rd February

Historically, members have needed two sets of user names and passwords to access the two area of our website (the membership portal and the members’-only content), and this has caused some confusion. With effect from 1st March 2023 members will need only one set of credentials. The details on the rear of the membership cards will no longer work and instead members will only need to use the username and password that they use to manage their membership in our membership portal.

If you have signed into your membership account since November 2022 you will be able to use these details to access the membership pages from 1st March.

If you have not set up your membership portal account you will need to do this before you can access the members-only pages of the website. Please set up your membership account hereWhen accessing the website or membership portal you must use the same email address that we use to correspond with you.

Zoom Gossip Meeting – “Capturing and editing video footage”

Tuesday 7th February

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Zoom Gossip Meeting – “My Latest Microscopical Acquisition”

Tuesday 17th January

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Wimbledon Common Nature Club

Sunday 8th January 2023

Posted 10th January 2023

The Wimbledon Common Nature Club is run by Auriel Glanville and two teenage assistants and welcomes children from 6–14 years old to come to discover the world of nature on the Common. They meet for 2 hours each month in the Information Centre, the same venue as used by Quekett members on excursions, the Weekend of Nature and the Open Day.
As part of the Quekett’s outreach programme, Paul Smith and Alan Wood took an assortment of microscopes and some interesting slides and specimens to show the children. As usual, some of the parents were keen to have a look too.
blue-link-icon-18Main report

The Annual Christmas Quiz

Posted 10th January 2023

Things microscopical to test your knowledge.  None too serious, so no bouquets, but no brickbats either.
We hope to have a PowerPoint version soon, with pop-up answers!
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The Quekett Christmas Lecture

Posted 10th January 2023

A fascinating and informative talk by Phil Greaves on a specialised condenser system that simulates the effects of phase contrast and differential interference contrast in one module.  Phil has one of these units and gives an account of his experiences and talks about other, rarer, versions.
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The M.C. Cooke Lecture

Posted 29th November 2022

Using a transect traversing a mountain in northern Sweden, the group took a space-for-time approach using the environmental gradient to understand how the ecosystem and its interaction therein may change in the future.  Aoife Cantwell-Jones, Rich Gill and their colleagues from Imperial College, London have made conducted interesting work linking trait variation in bees with plant visitations, and discuss how climate change might determine this and subsequently the stability of such systems going into the future.  The Quekett was pleased to provide financial support for this research.
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The Quekett Annual Exhibition of Microscopy

Posted 6th November 2022

The Report of this event is now available.  Photographs, award announcements and notes from the exhibitors, together with links to the annual Quekex Lecture and the talks at the Exhibition.

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