Survey of British pseudoscorpions

Scope of the project

Very little information appears to be available on pseudoscorpions. There are currently 28 identified species within the UK, ranging in size from just over 1 mm to 4.2 mm, but over 3500 species worldwide. They are found in a variety of locations, sand, bark, leaf litter, rocks, compost heaps and even books and they are found all year round.

We are aiming to record the number and species found by members in the UK. The project may also be able to provide more information on the lifecycle of pseudoscorpions, which is fairly poorly documented.

The project would be further interested in identifying whether any of the species recorded demonstrate fluorescence as shown in true scorpions and some arachnids.

A copy of the FSC’s Illustrated key to the British false scorpions (pseudoscorpions) will be provided free to the first 30 QMC members who sign up for the project, should it be required. Support in identifying species will also be provided via an existing Facebook Group and/or the project lead.

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Project length


Data recording methods

Via Excel spreadsheet or hardcopy. Photographs can be submitted by e-mail, Dropbox or by post on disc or USB stick.

Project specific equipment required

Depending on the collection method chosen – Tullgren funnel, sieve, UV light, insect pooter.

Project lead

This project will be led by Lisa Ashby and Steve Gill; for a project fact sheet or to participate please use the contact form below or write to Mrs Lisa Ashby, 31 West Park, London, SE9 4RZ.

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