Contents of Volume 42 Journal issues

The contents of Volume 42 issues of the Quekett Journal of Microscopy are shown below.

Front cover of Journal 2016 WinterWinter 2016 – Volume 42 Part 8

Carel Sartory: Presidential Address – The Magical World of Hydroids and Medusae
Bob Nutall: Dr Edmund Hartnack et Cie (Successors to G. Oberhauser) Paris and Potsdam
Brian Davidson: Enock’s Sketches
R. A. Baker & D. S. Gill: The ‘Circle of Microscopists’ (1913–1963) at Halifax, West Yorkshire
David B. Williamson & Chris F. Carter: Staurodesmus calyxoides var. minus var. nova. A newly discovered desmid and variety in the British Isles
Jorge Aigla: Nicolas Hartsoeker’s Homunculus
Andrew I. R. Chick: Technical Note: A specimen measuring device for the stereo microscope
Books reviewed 1: The Quekett Microscopical Club 1865–2015, by Brian Bracegirdle
Books reviewed 2: The Freshwater Microscopist Part 2, by Tony Pattinson
Books reviewed 3: Insect Microscopy, by Andrew Chick
Books reviewed 4: Equatorial Equilibrium. The Story of the Royal Society African Freshwater Biological Team, by Mary Burgis & Ian Dunn
Books reviewed 5: Micscape Magazine Yearbook 1, by Mol Smith (Ed.)
Obituary: Donald John Thomson
Obituary: Harold Hillman
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club
Presidents of the Quekett Microscopical Club 1865–2016
Honorary Members of the Quekett Microscopical Club 1867–2016
Advice for contributors

Front cover of Journal 2016 SummerSummer 2016 – Volume 42 Part 7

Obituary: Brian Bracegirdle: 1933–2015
Brian Stevenson & Howard Lynk: William Hill Darker, the Scientists’ Engineer
Michael Gibson & Raymond Sloss: Elgar and the microscope
R. A. Baker & D. S. Gill: Of mites and men: Victorian nature and microscopy revealed by the popular magazine Science Gossip
David Williamson: Cosmarium angulare Johnson var. canadense Irénée-Marie: A first find in the British Isles
David Williamson & Christoper Carter: Cosmariun didymochondrum Nordstedt var. compressum var. nova: A newly-found desmid variety from Northern England
H. J. Swatland: Starch granules in polarized light, following Pereira into the ultraviolet
Philip Greaves: The auction sale of John Quekett’s collections
Books reviewed: Plankton – Wonders of the Drifting World, by Christian Sardet
Books reviewed: Britain’s Habitats – A Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Britain and Ireland, by Sophie Lake, Durwyn Liley, Robert Still & Andy Swash
Books reviewed: Lakes, Loughs and Lochs, by Brian Moss
Books reviewed: Ernst Abbe – Creator of the Zeiss Foundation, by Norbert Günther
Books reviewed: Pollen Microscopy, by Norman Chapman
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club
Advice for contributors

Cover of Journal 2015 WinterWinter 2015 – Volume 42 Part 6

The Quekett Microscopical Club 1865–2015 – Brian Bracegirdle
Modern photomicrographic techniques – David Linstead
John Thomas Quekett’s grave
Light microscopy in 2015 – Jeremy Sanderson
More than seventy years a Queketteer (1944 to 2015) – Eric Hollowday
In the Quekett journal 100 years ago
The Quekett Bicentenary pilot study: A collaboration between the Hunterian Museum and the Quekett Microscopical Club – Emmy Bocaege
An early slide collection: exploring a connection to Quekett – Howard Lynk
The discovery of Closterium macilentum var. substriatum (Grönblad) Krieger in the British Isles – David B. Williamson
Microscopes and ministry – Clergymen naturalists and their microscopical devotions – R. A. Baker and D. S. Gill
Letter to the Editor
Books reviewed: The Book of Beetles. A Lifesize Guide to Six Hundred of Nature’s Gems, by Patrice Bouchard
Books reviewed: Ponsonby’s Curious Compendium. Insects & Spiders, by D. Ponsonby & C. Beverley
Books reviewed: Safe Microscopic Techniques for Amateurs. Slide Mounting, by Walter Dioni
Books reviewed: The Beginner’s Microscope, by Peter Evennett & Chris Hammond
Books reviewed: The Freshwater Microscopist, by Tony Pattinson
Books reviewed: The Art of Invisible Landscapes, by Gwyneth M. Thurgood
Books reviewed: Wildlife in the Marches, by Mark Lawley
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Cover of the Summer 2015 JournalSummer 2015 – Volume 42 Part 5

Brian Stevenson and Stanley Warren – Edmund Wheeler: a man of parts
Aydin Örstan – A method for the preservation of bdelloid rotifers for taxonomical and anatomical studies
In the Quekett journal 100 years ago
Brian Bracegirdle – An inexpensive calibrated macro focussing stage for image-stacking
Stanley Warren – Microphotographic discs, part 2
R. A. Baker and D. S. Gill – A chequered history – The rise and fall of the Bradford Microscopical Society (1860–1969)
Christopher F. Carter, David B. Williamson and Howard W. Matcham – A first record of Cosmarium laeve Rabenhorst var. distentum G. S. West from the British Isles
Books reviewed: Botany for naturalists. A colour guide, by J. L. Presland
Books reviewed: Remarkable plants that shape our world, by H. Bynum & W. Bynum
Obituary – Bruce Lionel Scott: 1930–2015
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Cover of the Winter 2014 JournalWinter 2014 – Volume 42 Part 4

Charles G. Hussey: Robert Hooke and his Micrographia in context
Howard J. Falcon-Lang and Dawn M. Digrius: Palaeobotany under the microscope: history of the invention and widespread adoption of the petrographic thin section technique
G. P. Matthews: Microscopy of Medical Materials
R. A. Baker, E. J. Evennett & S. Gill: The Acari or mites, by the microscopical investigator, artist and book illustrator Tuffen West (1823–1891), with particular reference to his collection at Leeds
In the Quekett Journal 100 years ago
Stanley Warren: Microphotographic discs (I)
Joan Bingley and Steve Gill: Short Note – Bookplate, Curties and Brigstock
Letter to the Editor
Books reviewed: Moving forward. The Royal Microscopical Society 1989–2014, by J. L. Hutchinson
Books reviewed: Spectrums. Our mind-boggling universe from infinitesimal to infinity, by D. Blatner
Books revewed: Stuff matters. The strange stories of the marvellous materials that shape our man-made world, by M. Miodownik
Books reviewed: Microscopi Amici nella ricerca scientifica, by A. Meschiari
Books reviewed: Close-up and macro photography. Art and techniques, by J. Humphrey
Obituary – Derrick Roy Edwards
Obituary – Kenneth R. Jones
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Cover of the Summer 2014 JournalSummer 2014 – Volume 42 Part 3

Julian Cremona: Marine insects
Bob Nuttall: A notable innovation in microscopy: Zeiss ‘Flat-Field Achromats’
Gianfranco Novarino: Nanoplankton protists from the western Mediterranean Sea. III. Morphological diversity of Phaeocystis unicells (Prymnesiophyceae = Prymnesiida p.p.)
Brian Davidson: A tale of the trenches, 1917
Brian Bracegirdle: Peeping inside a mermaid’s purse
John R. Fletcher: Reject lenses from the Ross workshop
Ernest Trice: An examination of the defence organs of the adult firefly [see correction below]
Book review: Optics and life, by Sönke Johnsen
Book review: Extreme close-up photography and image stacking, by Julian Cremona
Book review: Physiology of the Cladocera, by Nikolai Smirnov
Obituary: Douglas Turnbull Richardson
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club


Page 215, Figure 17, Diagrammatic sequence upon activation of the defence organ, should be as follows:

Ernest Trice correctionFig. 17 Diagrammatic sequence upon activation of the defence organ; b = bud, m = cavity sealing membrane, d = dish, f = “fingers” (nozzles), r = reservoir.

Cover of the Winter 2013 JournalWinter 2013 – Volume 42 Part 2

Davidson, B – Clarke & Page – ‘Prepared without Pressure’
Greaves, P M – A Modular Photomicrography System
In the Quekett Journal 100 years ago
Warren, S and Paterson, L – Professor Balfour’s Dissecting Microscope
Greaves, P M – William Burrells’ Microscope
Books reviewed 1: Photographing Nature
Books reviewed 2: Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging
Books reviewed 3: Life in UK Freshwaters
Books reviewed 4: Diatom Manual
E-Book review: How to Find Tardigrades
The instruction-sheet for a drum microscope, mid-19th century
Image of a Cat’s Whisker
Obituary – Ven Dodge
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club
Advice for contributors

Cover of the Summer 2013 JournalSummer 2013 – Volume 42 Part 1

B Stevenson & S Gill: The Many Lives of Heinrich Hensoldt (1856 – circa 1918) Moritz Hensoldt’s Errant Son
In the Quekett Journal 100 years ago
A Pentecost & D B Williamson: Rediscovery of Cosmarium dovrense Nordst. in the British Isles
S Warren & L Paterson: J H Balfour and the Nachet connection with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
D B Williamson & L Marazzi: A new Cosmarium (Chlorophyta, Desmidiaceae) variety from the Okavango Delta, Botswana
J H Aigla: Light microscopy documentation of complete vertebrate melanocytes and their possible association
D C Stevens: The microscopic algae and water quality of the freshwater lake – the Little Sea, Studland, Dorset
Books reviewed 1: Freshwater invertebrates
Books reviewed 2: Euglenoids
Books reviewed 3: Plant cell
Books reviewed 4: Digital recording
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club
Advice for contributors

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