About the Club

What’s new?
Check here for changes to the Club’s programme, additions to the website, and other items of urgent or general interest.

Who are we?
Brief information about the Club, its status and its origins.

Our history
Details of the Club’s origin in 1865, information about John Thomas Quekett, and photographs from the Club’s archives.

Information about the advantages of becoming a member, subscription rates, and an application form.

From the Members’ area
Examples of meeting reports, slide competitions and photo competitions that are normally only available to members of the Club.

Dates of Club meetings, lectures, excursions and the annual exhibition, so you can note them in your diary, plus outreach events, and other events of interest to microscopists.

PA 135 Meeting Room
How to find the PA 135 Meeting Room in the Natural History Museum.

Neil Chalmers Seminar Room
How to find the Neil Chalmers Seminar Room in the Natural History Museum.

Meeting reports
Reports and photographs from meetings organised by the Club, and from other meetings where the Club was represented.

The Club has an active outreach programme to further our aim of promoting the understanding and use of microscopes, and here you can see reports on several outreach events.

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Citizen science
Amateur Quekett members contribute to professional science by recording the distribution of organisms and by transcribing data from labels on old microscope slides.

Contact the Club
Our postal address, and a form that you can use to send us messages and questions.

Quekett Journal of Microscopy
The Club’s Journal has been published since 1868 and accepts papers on most aspects of microscopy. Contact details for the Editor and for subscriptions.

Advice for contributors
Guidance on how to prepare and submit a paper to the Quekett Journal of Microscopy.

Contents of recent Journal issues
Front covers and contents lists from recent issues of the Quekett Journal of Microscopy.

Selected Journal papers
PDFs of a few papers that have been published in the Journal, to show the quality and subject matter.

Bulletin of the Quekett Microscopical Club
The Club’s Bulletin is only available to members, and contains short articles and notes about microscopical specimens and techniques, and reports of meetings.

Contents of recent Bulletin issues
Front covers and contents lists from recent issues of the Bulletin of the Quekett Microscopical Club.

Selected Bulletin articles
Recent articles from the Club’s Bulletin that deserve a wider audience.

Books and USB drives
Information about the books and USB flash drives that are published by the Club.

Books by members
Information about books written by members of the Club that are not published by the Club.

Club shop
Buy polarising material, wave retarders, leaflets and binders for the Journal.

Privacy notice & cookie policy
Our policy on personal data, photographs of people, and the cookies that are needed to make our website function.

Images from the website
Information about the photographs by Club members that are used to enhance this website.

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