Barnard Award (Stills)

The Annual Exhibition of Microscopy will take place on Saturday 14th October 2023 at Elm Court Youth and Community Centre, 363 Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 3BP.

Entry conditions for the Barnard Awards 2023


Awards of Merit will be given to examples of excellent quality at the Annual Exhibition of the Quekett Microscopical Club, where they will be displayed for other members and guests to inspect, admire and discuss. By entering you agree that images may be shown at the online Quekex 2023 and on the Club website; they may also be reproduced for use at Club and outreach events. Copyright remains with the author.

This award is a celebration of photomicrographic art. It is intended as a showcase of microscopical and photographic technique, designed to encourage and inspire others in the field of microscopy.

Entrants have the option of entering their images into one of two categories:
Artistic – where the image will be judged based on artistic merit.
Technical – where the image will be judged on the scientific/technical merit.

The Objectives

  • To recognise standards of excellence.
  • To encourage Members to offer their best work for assessment and possible awards of a Certificate of Merit.

The Rules

Entry is open to all members of the Quekett Microscopical Club, the Postal Microscopical Society and the Iceni. Entry is also open to family members living in the same household as a Quekett Microscopical Club member.

A maximum of two entries per person is allowed.

Please note that, aside from cleaning, stacking or stitching, entries in the technical category should not have been subject to significant post processing using third party software programmes.

EACH ENTRY MUST be accompanied by:

  1.  Confirmation of which category you wish to enter (technical or artistic)
  2. A title
  3. A description of the subject
  4. Whether or not your subject is mounted on a slide
  5. Whether your sample prepared/mounted by yourself
  6. Some notes on the microscopy techniques used e.g. DIC, polarising etc.
  7. Information on the photographic equipment/techniques used
  8. Information on how long it took you to obtain your final image i.e. has this been a long project

Entries should be made in JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF or TIFF format and submitted using the form below.  Maximum file size is 21MB (you can submit the form more than once if necessary).  Please note that entries cannot be sent by Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, WeTransfer etc.

Include details about entries in entry form text box, but note that each actual image file submitted must be sent as a separate attachment – NOT embedded in a Word or text document.

Each photographic entry will be assessed prior to the exhibition by an independent judge whose decision is final.

The closing date for submissions to the Barnard Award (Stills) category is 1st September 2023

Entry form

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    Attach up to three files (21MB limit for the first, 2MB limit for the others):

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    The Exhibition Committee wishes to thank in advance those who continue to uphold one of the many traditions of our Club.