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Members of the Quekett can access a private area of this website that contains material including reports of meetings, videos of lectures, galleries of microscope slides and photographs from our annual exhibition, auctions of microscopes, slides and accessories, the Club Shop, and a catalogue of the books in the library.

A few of these pages and one of the videos are reproduced in this open area of the website, to give you a taste of the extra material that is available only to members. We hope this will encourage you to join the Club!

Meeting reports

You can see a selection of reports on recent Club events on the Meeting reports page.

You can see another selection of reports on events where the Club participated in order to promote microscopy to the public on the Outreach programme page.

Videos of lectures

For the last few years, we have been videoing our lectures, and Club members can borrow them on DVD or watch them in the Members’ Area of the website. You can watch one of the videos here:

Copepod hunting with my Wild M5 microscope

By Prof. Geoff Boxshall, Tuesday 20th September 2011

Photography showcase

Club members display their photomicrographs or video recordings at the Annual Exhibition, and the best ones receive a Barnard Award.

Here are some of the award winners from recent years:

American House SpiderAlan Casperd: American House Spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Flesh FlyAlan Casperd: Flesh Fly Sarcophaga carnaria

Pheasant LouseDavid Linstead: Pheasant Louse

Phantom midge (Chaoborus) musculatureGraham Matthews: Phantom midge (Chaoborus) musculature

Scales from the wing of the moth Chrysiridia ripheusMaurice Moss: Scales from the wing of the moth Chrysiridia ripheus

Lily flower bud sectionSpike Walker: Lily flower bud section

Common spangle gallAlan Wood: Common spangle gall on oak leaf

All images are copyright © of the named members.

Slide showcase

Club members display their microscope slides at the Annual Exhibition, and the best ones receive an Eric Marson Award.

Here are photomicrographs of some of the entries:

Fairy flyLewis Woolnough: Fairy fly

Section of EquisetumColin Kirk: Section of Equisetum

Butternut squash pollenDavid Galliford: Butternut squash pollen

Varroa destructorPeter Sunderland: Varroa destructor

Honeybee head glandBrian Norman: Honeybee head gland

Sea urchin spineLewis Woolnough: Sea urchin spine

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