World Microscope Day 2023

Thursday 13th April 2023

World Microscope Day was launched in 2021 and is masterminded by Quekett member Robert Ratford.  It is intended to help promote microscopy, and the date commemorates the first use of the word “microscope” on 13th April 1625.

You can find out more on the Facebook Group:

To mark the event, a 2-day Zoom meeting was organised featuring talks and demonstrations by amateur and professional microscopists.  Everything was presented in ‘real time’ and recorded, and you can watch videos of the presentations here.

Here is the programme as it was presented.  We hope you enjoy the show!

Thursday April 13th 2023

Session 1.  The Stromness Project.
Robert Ratford and Chris Thomas

Session 2.  Clubs, Groups and Societies – What’s happening in the World of Microscopy?
Robert Ratford


Session 3.  Gossip Meeting – “My Microscope”
Various speakers

Session 4.  Image J – Image Processing Software
Shiraz Kaderuppan

Session 5.  The Norris Museum
Chris Thomas

Session 6.  Diatom Lab
Stefano Barone


Session 7. The Norris Museum (2)
Chris Thomas


Session 8. Electron Microscopy
Alex Strachan


Session 9. Art & Design of Early Microscopes – My Microscope Collection
Joe Glavy (USA)


Session 10. The Norris Museum (3)
Chris Thomas


Session 11. Zooming: Evolution – Technicalities – Solutions
Paul Smith


Session 12. Light Sheet Microscopy
Franco Cheli


Session 13. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek – 300 years on
Lesley Robertson


Session 13. Moss Safari
Andrew Chandler-Grevatt


Session 14. Restoration – Why Investigate Lacquer Fading?
Penny Thoyts


Session 15. Tony talks to…. Robert Ratford about Microscopes and Microscopy
Tony Sutera and Robert Ratford chat about all things to do with microscopes in this animated podcast on YouTube.


Session 16.  Wim van Egmond’s Recent Projects – What’s he been up to?
Wim van Egmond


Session 17. Crystals
Bevil Templeton-Smith


Session 18. Geology and Microrefractometry
Julian Gray


Session 19. Lens Grinding, Polishing, and Microscope Making
Jay Holmes


Session 20. Freshwater Life Videos
Tony Pattinson


Session 21. Microtools And How To Make Them
Graham Matthews


Session 22. Scientific Imaging and Art
Robert Simmons (USA)


Session 23. Atomic Force Microscopy
Rawil Fakhrullin


Session 24. Marine Interstitial Protist Diversity
Jeffrey Silverman (USA)


Session 25. Identitification of Mineral Grains and Fragments
Julian C Gray (USA)


Session 26. Clubs, Groups and Societies
Robert Ratford


Session 27. Microscope Adventures
Chris Thomas


Session 28. van Leeuwenhoek’s microscope
Wim van Egmond


Session 29. Children and Microscopy in South America
Elisa Castro-Ravelo


Session 30. The Big, Huge, Mega Microscopy Quiz
Robert Ratford