Survey of British freshwater Cladocera

Scope of the project

The aim of the project is to record to species level the Cladocera present within members’ localities. With most Quekett members being in the UK, the data will contribute to our understanding of which species are common and which are rare across the British Isles. The project has a Facebook Group where members can communicate with each other.

Project duration

1 year

Data recording methods

The project will use the same recording sheet as the Cladocera Interest Group in order that the information collected can be shared and added to national records

Project specific equipment

Depending on collection method.

  • Kick sampling – Pond net, white sorting tray, plastic pipettes/spoons, sample tubes/pots and alcohol to preserve.
  • Plankton net sampling – Plankton net, wide mouth sample pots and preservative.
  • Sediment grabs – Grab, fine mesh pond net, small buckets / tubs for collection / transport and preservative.
  • Traps – either Schindler-Patalas trap or Myvatn type Cladocera trap

Project lead

This project will be led by Robert Ratford; for a project fact sheet or to participate please use the contact form below or write to 175 Western Avenue, Dagenham East, RM10 8UJ.

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