Practical Astronomy Show

Saturday 19th March 2022

As part of the Quekett’s outreach programme, we had a stand at the Practical Astronomy Show at the Kettering Conference and Exhibition Centre, which aims to bring a selection of leading astronomy businesses, organisations and educational institutions together under one roof for one day.

Gordon Brown and friends at the QMC stand

Representing the QMC were Stephen Parker, Steve Durr, Gordon Brown and Robert Ratford. Stephen Parker used a Swift polarising microscope to show slides of rock sections.

Pollen grains, a Stackduino focus stacking device,
and publicity for the new Anglian Microscopy Group

Gordon Brown showed a variety of biological specimens including slides that he has made. These included pollen, butterfly scales, and cheek cell scrapes with stained bacteria. Robert Ratford used a stereoscopic microscope to show meteorites including samples from Mars and Vesta.

Steve Durr, as our resident astronomy expert was able to chat to the amateur astronomers about their hobby.

It was a very busy day with lots of amateur astronomers who are also amateur microscopists taking an interest. There were several enquiries about Quekett membership and how to purchase a microscope suitable for looking at meteorites.