Contents of recent Journal issues

The contents of some recent issues of the Quekett Journal of Microscopy are shown below.

Journal cover: Winter 2023Winter 2023 – Volume 44 Part 6

Aydin Örstan: Bdelloid rotifers in ephemeral rock pools: an ecological introduction
Michael T. Tracy: The microscope purchases of John Goodsir (1814–1867)
Jorge H. Aigla, M.D.: A further note on blood vessel branching
Jonathan Crowther: Metal and metal oxide coatings for the imaging of diatoms
Zaineb Henderson: Irene Manton and Sheina Marshall: Two remarkable women microscopists
Book review: Stanhopes – A Collectors’ Guide – Jean Scott
Book review: The Freshwater Microscopist Part 6 – Tony Pattinson

Journal cover: Summer 2023Summer 2023 – Volume 44 Part 5

Lucia Hudson, Aoife Cantwell-Jones, Johan Svedin, Abdullah M. R. Al-Hayali, Keith Larson & Richard J. Gill: Using microscopy to zoom into Arctic plant-bumblebee networks: an individual- and trait-based perspective
Paul D. Adanick: A survey of commonly used leaf epidermal imprint techniques and two improved methods
Philip M. Greaves & Brian Matsumoto: The Leitz Heine phase contrast system
Jonathan Crowther: Imaging in the UV with a Watson Quartz Cassegrain dark ground condenser
Jorge H. Aigla: Shapes, not forms
Owen Bequest charitable grants
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Journal cover: Winter 2022Winter 2022 – Volume 44 Part 4

Zaineb Henderson: Internal calcification in the stonewort Chara virgata
Elyse Malamud: Protozoan fauna of Magnolia × soulangeana bark
D. R. Oppenheim: Diatom resins: difficulties, dilemmas, and the search to finding solutions
Jonathan M. Crowther: Ultraviolet imaging of diatoms
Jorge H. Aigla: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and the transmitted light microscope
J. R. Fletcher: Dancer’s chemical slides
Philip M. Greaves: Are scintillation slides safe?
Obituary: Klaus Kemp 1937–2022
Obituary: Derek Stevens
J. R. Fletcher: Pigeon post
Book review: Micro Life: Miracles of the miniature world revealed
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Journal cover: Summer 2022Summer 2022 – Volume 44 Part 3

Mike Asquith: Ranunculus root: the textbook revisited
Jorge H. Aigla: Gamete formation, fertilization and cleavage in Ascaris megalocephalus bivalens
Aydin Örstan: The monster in the garden: a new carnivorous bdelloid rotifer from a birdbath
Peter Coesel & Alfred Van Geest: Two taxonomically confusing Cosmarium species from ephemeral puddles newly described
H. J. Swatland: Light microscopy of a perovskite solar cell as a sensor
Michael R. Gibson: Northamptonshire diatoms – a history of the Chapman slide collection at the Northamptonshire Natural History Society
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club
Book review: The Freshwater Microscopist Part 5 – Tony Pattinson

Journal cover: Winter 2021Winter 2021 – Volume 44 Part 2

Daniel Kile: Calibration and use of the Leitz Berek compensator
John Fletcher: Tolles’ Convertible Objective/Condenser
Zaineb Henderson: Magnetite-bearing Gromia protists of the Lorn area, Scotland
Jonathan M. Crowther & Sabine Bogensperger-Crowther: Mirror objectives for microscopes – a translation
Jonathan M. Crowther: Reflecting objectives – a summary and review

Journal front cover, Summer 2021Summer 2021 – Volume 44 Part 1

Jonathan M. Crowther: An assessment of the optical properties of thin mica coverslips
Jorge H. Aigla, M.D. & Sureena Pohsa, M.S.: On small blood vessels branching: A morphometric microscopic study
Philip M. Greaves: Field kit for freshwater and marine microscopy
Gwyneth Thurgood: Reflections in the microscosmos: Investigating micro-crystals of chemical compounds
David Williamson & Chris Johnson: Cosmarium luxuriosum var. papilliformis var. nov.: A new desmid variety from the Outer Hebrides
Robert Goldenberg: The history of a 140 year old Hartnack microscope No. 19795
Obituary: Kathryn (Kit) Hilda Brownlee 1944–2021
Obituary: Lewis Edward Woolnough
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Journal front cover, Winter 2020Winter 2020 – Volume 43 Part 8

Joan Bingley: Birds under the microscope
John Ward: Depth of field in microscopy
Jacky McPherson: Mechanical fingers – a view of micro-manipulation for managing items at magnification
Zaineb Henderson: Chloroplast endosymbiosis and the strange case of Paulinella chromatophora
H. J. Swatland: Microscopy of static and moving bubbles and leaf shadows
Lisa Ashby: The Pseudoscorpion Project
Books reviewed 1: Photographing the Unseen World: Art and Techniques
Books reviewed 2: Carnivorous Plants of Britain and Ireland
Books reviewed 3: Cladocera: Ctenopoda. Families Sididae, Holopediidae & Pseudopenilidae
Obituary: Dennis James Fullwood
Obituary: Frederick Price
Obituary: Richard (Dick) Geoffrey Speight
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club
Presidents of the Quekett Microscopical Club 1865–2020
Honorary Members of the Quekett Microscopical Club 1867–2020
List of Members of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Cover of Summer 2020 JournalSummer 2020 – Volume 43 Part 7

Joan Bingley: Animal, vegetable and mineral; fascinating fibres, their origins, structure and uses – Part Two
Chris Green: Arthur Earland and his slides
Danniella Sherwood & Ray Gabriel: Methodologies for digital photomicrography of select morphological features in theraphosid spiders (Araneae: Theraphosidae)
Penelope Thoyts & Merv Hobden: The lost art of hot lacquering
Eric Hollowday: 1927–2019 – An autobiography
Aydin Örstan: Taxonomical characterization of bdelloid rotifers in the family Philodinidae
Gerald Legg: A simple method to collect aerial particles
D. B. Williamson: The British Phycological Society / Quekett Microscopical Club field weekend in the Cumbrian Lake District, 20th September 2019
J. R. Fletcher: Dancer’s symmetrical binocular microscope
J. R. Fletcher: Unique features of Dancer’s microscopes
Members projects
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Cover of Winter 2019 JournalWinter 2019 – Volume 43 Part 6

Joan Bingley: Animal, vegetable and mineral; fascinating fibres, their origins, structure and uses – Part One
Brian Wilkinson: Spine of Echinus: Dr Carpenter’s test for flatness of field – A companion slide to his disc of deal test for achromatism
Gwyneth Thurgood: A retrospective: Drawings, etchings, paintings and photomicrographs derived from micro crystals of chemical compounds
H. J. Swatland: Reflective layers in the fruit of Maclura pomifera – bright enough to attract a giant ground sloth?
John H. Fletcher: Dutch reflecting microscopes
Elizabeth Y Haworth: Catching the errors
Derek C. J. Sayers: Servicing of a basic light microscope
Jorge Aigla: A summary of understanding in transmitted light microscopy
Pam Hamer: Petrological identifications by Charles Caffyn
Books reviewed 1: The Wildlife Pond, by Jules Howard
Books reviewed 2: Rocky Shores, by John Archer-Thomson & Julian Cremona
Obituary: John Anthony (Tony) Dutton
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Cover of Summer 2019 JournalSummer 2019 – Volume 43 Part 5

Felder A. & Bocaege E.: Early bone and tooth growth experiments – a review of historical histological material attributed to J. T. Quekett
H. J. Swatland: Colourimetry of iridescent muscle fibres
Hannah Cornish: The first great British protozoologist – Revisiting Edward Alfred Minchin
Thomas D. Harnish & Laura J. Graham: Biological staining for microscopical contrast: being an account of the history and use of synthetic dyes and particularly methylene blue
Tony Pattinson: Monkeying about with the brine shrimp, Artemia
Willem Cramer: Art, design and crystals
Willem Cramer: Steam bubble cavitation in heater tubes
Willem Cramer: What is scabies?
Sinclair Stammers: Parasites under the microscope
Glen Sykes: Palaeoentomology: A study of insects trapped in amber
Brian Wilkinson: Colour correction of microscope objectives – Dr. Carpenter’s test for achromatism
Letters to the Editor
Books reviewed 1: Photographic Image Enhancement and Workflow, by Julian Cremona
Books reviewed 2: Understanding Light Microscopy, by Jeremy Sanderson
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Cover of Winter 2018 JournalWinter 2018 – Volume 43 Part 4

Joan Bingley: The Joy of Bryophytes
Michael R. Gibson & Raymond Sloss: W. D. Crick and the Foraminifera Slide Collection
Philip M. Greaves: Low Cost Apparatus for Photography of Microscope Slides
David B. Williamson: Cosmarium blacklochense spec. nov. A new desmid species from Scotland
David B. Williamson: Cosmarium tuddalense K. Strøm 1920. A new desmid record for the British Isles
H. J. Swatland: Colourimetry of chromatic aberration
John Gustav Delly: The State Microscopical Society of Illinois (SMSI) Sesquicentennial: 1869–2019
Philip M. Greaves: Digitization of the Club’s Archives
Books reviewed : Essentials of Polarized Light Microscopy, by John Gustav Delly
Charitable Funding: The Arthur Earland Collection of Foraminifera Slides

Front cover of Journal 2018 SummerSummer 2018 – Volume 43 Part 3

M. C. Cooke: From the Journal 150 years ago – On Universal Microscopic Admeasurement
Edward M. Nelson: From the Journal 100 years ago – ­ The Binocular Microscope
L. V. Martin: From the Journal 50 years ago – ­ Stereoscopic Microscopy with the High Power Binocular
Howard Lynk: The Slides of C. M. Topping – Another Look [Supplements: Amadio catalogues]
Julian Cremona: Focus Stacking Using Video
Jacky McPherson: Eric Doddrell Evens (1893–1973) – Gifted Slide Mounter and Amateur Naturalist
Joanna Wilbraham and David M. John: New records and observations on two of the rarest Green Algae in the British Isles – Gongrosira scourfieldii and Oocardium stratum
Philip M. Greaves: Cutner and the Coal Balls – The Development of Flatters & Garnett’s Coal Ball Peel Slides
Books reviewed 1: Beyond Extreme Close-Up Photography, by Julian Cremona
Books reviewed 2: An Illustrated Guide to Freshwater Ciliates from Australia, by David G. Seamer
Books reviewed 3: The Freshwater Microscopist Part 3, by Tony Pattinson
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

Front cover of Journal 2017 WinterWinter 2017 – Volume 43 Part 2

Carel Sartory: Portrait of a 20th Century Queketter: P. K. Sartory 1908–1982
R. A. Baker, D. J. Hambler & D. S. Gill: Microscope, Miall and mystery – was this the microscope of Professor L C Miall?
H. J. Swatland: On wetting muscovy glass and a peacock feather, following Robert Hooke to investigate the colourimetry of meat iridescence
Andrew I. R. Chick & Liam Andrews: Pseudoscorpions, an understudied and ideal microscopic study organism
J. R. Fletcher: Focussing troubles with the Ross-Zentmayer microscope
Julian Cremona: Equipment review – A new automated rail for focus stacking
Books reviewed 1: In Search of Stardust, by Jon Larsen
Books reviewed 2: An Introduction to Digital Photomicrography, by Brian Matsumoto & Carol Roullard
Books reviewed 3: Shallow Seas, by Peter J Hayward
Obituary: Brian Davidson

Front cover of Journal 2017 SummerSummer 2017 – Volume 43 Part 1

Chris Thomas: A Pilot Study – The Quekett 2016 Spotted Wing Drosophila Survey
R. A. Baker & D. S. Gill: ‘The Ladies of Liverpool’ – women in microscopy and natural history from the port
Aydin Örstan & Michael Plewka: Bdelloid rotifer taxa described since 1965 with the addition of a new species
Stanley Warren: Alfred Brothers and the British Association Meeting, Manchester, 1861
D. S. Gill & R. A. Baker: Edmund Godfray (1847–1927) and his microscope
Tony Pattinson: The Riddle of the Sands – Removing the Sand Content From Diatom Samples
Books reviewed 1: I Spy With My Little Loupe, by Mol Smith
Books reviewed 2: Cladocera – Family Eurycercidae, by Alexey Kotov & Eugeniya Bekker
Books reviewed 3: Marine Plankton, by Claudia Castellani & Martin Edwards
Books reviewed 4: Ponds and Small Lakes, by Brian Moss
Proceedings of the Quekett Microscopical Club

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