UK sources of used microscopes

Most Quekett members prefer to buy used microscopes made by reputable manufacturers rather than buy new ones that are far more expensive. However, it can be difficult to find used microscopes and accessories, so you may find this list of sources in the United Kingdom useful.

It is also essential to have microscopes serviced regularly to obtain the best performance.  Dealers of refurbished microscopes will often have servicing departments where instruments may be taken for evaluation, cleaning and repair of mechanical parts.  Firms will differ in what they have to offer, so visiting their websites is a good place to start.



There are several open meetings each year organised by the Quekett and by other clubs and societies at which members (and sometimes a few dealers) sell used equipment. It is not possible to predict what will be available, so you just have to turn up and browse. Even if you don’t buy anything, these meetings are a good opportunity to see and try out a wide range of microscopes and accessories, and to meet friendly and helpful amateur microscopists. These meetings are all open to non-members. For dates, please see the Club Programme. Please take note of the sales policy at club meetings.


  • eBay
    There are always lots of microscopes on eBay, but it is not always easy to tell good sellers from rogues, prices range from bargains to absurd, and you cannot normally see the goods before buying, so be very careful. Most items can be found in these categories:

  • Quekett Members’ auctions
    The Club can sometimes assist the families of deceased members with disposing of equipment that they do not want and do not understand. When we have volunteers available to collect, store, check, photograph, catalogue, pack and post items, we hold auctions that are restricted to members.

  • Auction houses
    Auctions in the UK often include microscopes, accessories and slides. You need to be aware that they are often sold with no guarantee of condition, and that you have to pay a buyer’s premium in addition to the hammer price. Two that regularly sell microscopes are:

Brochures and instruction manuals

It can be difficult to find information abut the specifications of old equipment and how to use them, so we have produced a list of links to websites where documents can be downloaded:

Used microscopes for sale
Used microscopes for sale at Microscopium in 2013

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