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Websites produced by members of the Quekett Microscopical Club

We add new sites as and when we discover them, so if you know of one that you think should be included, please contact the Webmaster. Also contact us please if you find a broken link – sites do change their web addresses and it is often difficult to keep track of these changes – you might spot it first.

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Antique Microscopes & Microscope Slides UK
Peter Hodds’ website includes sections on antique microscopes, antique slides and the history of slide making.

Bee World – Information Portal on Bees
Brian Bailey’s website will soon include a section on microscopy in the diagnosis, dissection and insemination of honeybees.

BioImages – Virtual Field-Guide (UK)
Malcolm Storey’s collection of over 98,000 photographs and photomicrographs of organisms is intended to include the majority of species that the casual observer is likely to see in the British Isles

Brass & Glass
Penny Thoyts’ website, with examples of replacement parts that she has made and items that she has re-lacquered with home-made recipes and authentic ingredients. Penny also has 2 blogs, Brass & Glass Microscope Restoration and Spock’s Sister Sees.

A Cabinet of Curiosities
An excellent site produced by Howard Lynk from the USA, devoted to images of Victorian microscope slides.
Blogs, photographs and photomicrographs by Gerald Legg.

David Spears Imaging
Company run by David Spears that specialises in producing video and photographic images for the broadcasting and publishing industries worldwide. His forte is in microscopy, macro, time-lapse and medical imaging.

Diatom Images
Jonathan Crowther’s website, with high-resolution optical microscope images of individual diatoms and arrangements, plus information on how he captured them, and images of the slides themselves.

Extreme Macro Photography
Guide to extreme macro photography, including techniques, macro lenses, lighting, equipment, diffusers, stages, tips, macro stacking, software and more, by Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel

Fred and Sarah Longrigg
An interesting site maintained by Fred Longrigg and his wife Sarah.

Graham Matthews
A excellent personal site with lots of good micrographs and nature photography.

Historical Makers of Microscopes and Microscope Slides
An interesting site produced by Dr Brian Stevenson, with descriptions of slides and their makers, and excellent images.

Illustrated Guides to Freshwater Microscopic Life of Australia
In a refreshing change to photomicrographs, David Seamer produces excellent drawings of the creatures he sees down his microscope and includes them in his books.

Inside the Flower
Mike Asquith’s site, devoted to the structure and function of flowering plants.

An introduction to photomicrography. Algae, Protoctista & Bacteria
Steve Durr’s site, with lots of excellent photomicrographs

Jacky’s microscopy
Jacky McPherson’s blog of experiments with her microscope and microtome, her photomicrographs, and field notes of forays.

Jeremy Poole’s Photographic Website
Entitled “Mountains and Nature”, the website has a section on microscopy and a link to his other site:

Jeremy Poole’s SEM Pages
The story of Jeremy’s decision to buy his own SEM, building a laboratory for it, and learning how to get the best results from it.

Jeremy Sanderson

Julian Cremona Photography
Julian photographs all wildlife, plants and animals, but his specialist area is extreme close-up photography using focus stacking.

Marine Plankton in Milford Haven
The aims of Julian Cremona’s website are to share marine plankton information, display photos of plankton biodiversity, and provide an educational resource.

Brian Matsumoto’s site includes a blog and an image gallery (replacing his old site), and he has a Facebook page too.

Microlife Website
Zaineb Henderson’s website, with pictures and videos that supplement her published articles on Micro-organisms: Eukaryotes & Prokaryotes.
Barry Sobel’s site devoted to historical microscopes in his collection, previously in it, or related.

Microscope History
Yuval Goren’s website with photographs and notes on the microscopes in his collection, and his own design, the Goren Field Microscope.

Microscopy Pictures
Brian Norman’s website, where he shares his hobby of photography through the microscope, and provides tips to help others.

Steve Mandel’s team use a compound microscope and a camera to stream one-hour sessions of live images of plankton from Monterey Bay for high-school and middle-school students, to teach them about plankton, citizen science and marine conservation.

Olympus microscopes and photomicrographic equipment
Alan Wood’s collection of downloadable manuals and brochures for older Olympus microscopes, and information on equipment for digital photomicrography.

Our photographs
Anne & Chris Algar’s galleries of their photomicrographs, close-ups of insects and flowers, and other subjects.

Recent British Foraminifera of The Channel
Brian Darnton has been developing a blog as a diary, and this has now become a storehouse for information on British forams – including diagrams and images. The material is in chronological rather than subject order, but will be of great interest to members and non-members alike. As this is an on-going project, you should re-visit on a regular basis.

The Sawdust Factory presents: Microscopes!
Part of Kurt Maurer’s website with details and photos of the microscopes he has used over the years, photomicrography, micro-aquaria and a home-made ringing table.

Scientific & Medical Antiques
Desmond Squire deals in a wide range of scientific, technical and medical items, and books and trade catalogues that relate to the use and collecting of these items.

Steve Mandel Photography
A gallery of Steve’s photomicrographs, mostly of diatoms.

The Ultraphot Shop
Spike Walker’s site dedicated to the Carl Zeiss Ultraphot range of microscopes
Willem Cramer’s website includes articles, videos and galleries of his photomicrographs.

Wim van Egmond – Microphotographer
Wim van Egmond’s site includes examples of his stills and videos taken through a microscope, as well as close-ups and macro photographs.

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