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Other natural history websites, societies and clubs, both in the UK and abroad

We add new sites as and when we discover them, so if you know of one that you think should be included, please contact the Webmaster. Also contact us please if you find a broken link – sites do change their web addresses and it is often difficult to keep track of these changes – you might spot it first.

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Amateur Entomologists’ Society
The Society, founded in 1935, is a registered charity run by volunteers for those with an interest in insects (entomology). Many members also have a wider interest in natural history in general.

British Beekeepers’ Association
The leading organisation representing beekeepers within the UK.

British Bryological Society
For those with an interest in mosses and liverworts – plants without flowers.

British Lichen Society
For those with an interest in lichens – part algae and part fungi.

British Micropalaeontological Society
If you are into microfossils, then this is the one for you. A very interesting site.

British Mycological Society
For those with an interest in fungi.

British Phycological Society
The Society was formed to advance education by the encouragement and pursuit of all aspects of the study of algae.

Cladocera Collection
Collection database produced by Professor Vladimír Kořínek who has worked on Cladocera since 1955. His collection is being transferred to the Natural History Museum in London.

The Cladocera Interest Group
An informal alliance of amateur and professional naturalists with an interest in water fleas.
An interesting site formerly run by the late Bill Ells, an amateur microscopist. Bill studied microscopic freshwater life since 1976, mainly the algae, and from about 1980 specialised on the desmids.

Freshwater Biological Association
Aims to promote freshwater biology through scientific meetings, publications, research and authoritative advice.

Fritsch collection of Algal Illustrations
This unique collection contains floristic information, and illustrates the diverse views that have been or are still held about the identification and taxonomy of certain algae.

Iceni Microscopy Study Group
A recently-formed group of amateur bee keepers in East Anglia with a common interest in microscopy.

International Society for Diatom Research
The object of the Society is to promote for the benefit and education of the public all branches of diatom studies throughout the world.

Society for the History of Natural History
This is the only international society devoted to the history of botany, zoology and geology, in the broadest sense, including natural history collections, exploration, art and bibliography. Well worth a look.

Florida State University Micro Gallery
A splendid collection of micrographs of all sorts.

University of Queensland
Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis

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