BENHS Annual Exhibition

Saturday 5th November 2022

The exhibition was the first to be held post-Covid, and was held, as in the past, at Conway Hall in Red Lion Square. The Hall is a Grade 2 listed building dating from 1929, and is tucked away in the corner of the Square, which is ‘behind’ Holborn in central London.

Attendance was somewhat down compared to previous exhibitions. This was almost certainly due to the continuing rail transport difficulties, but the rain might also have had something to do with it!

Despite the reduced attendance there were many discussions and questions about microscopes and the Club, and many leaflets taken. One of the technical discussions was with an attendee who was looking for a high capacity battery to power sampling equipment unattended and overnight. For interest, the battery on the table is rated at 185Wh and as well as standard USB output can also supply up to 20V for charging laptops.

Report by Paul Smith