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January 2017

Back in 1980 when Olympus replaced the BH compound microscope with the BH-2, they kept the mounts for the heads and nosepieces but changed the mounts for the stages and condensers. While trying out the vertical illuminator from my newly-acquired BHMJ on my BH-2, I discovered that Olympus also kept the 30mm fitting for lamp houses on their metallurgical microscopes.

So the 6-volt 15-Watt BH-LHM and the 12-volt 50-watt BH2-MLSH lamp houses can be used on the BH-MA Brightfield Reflected Light Illuminator, the BH-RLA Brightfield/Darkfield Reflected Light Illuminator, the BH2-MA Brightfield Vertical Illuminator and the BH2-RLA Brightfield/Darkfield Vertical Illuminator.

Olympus BH2-MA Brightfield Vertical Illuminator and BH-RLA Brightfield/Darkfield Reflected Light IlluminatorOlympus BH2-MLSH (top) and BH-LHM lamp houses

Olympus BH2-MLSH and BH-LHM lamp housesOlympus BH2-MA Brightfield Vertical Illuminator (top) and BH-RLA Brightfield/Darkfield Reflected Light Illuminator

The lamp houses need different transformers, the TE-II or TF for the BH-LHM and the TGH for the BH2-MLSH. The metallurgical objectives must be used with the matching illuminators; BH objectives with BH-MA or BH-RLA illuminators and BH-2 objectives with BH2-MA or BH2-RLA illuminators.

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