Reading Convention

Saturday 9th April 2022

The annual Convention of the Reading Microscopical Society resumed now that Covid restrictions have been lifted, and was held in the familiar venue of St Peter’s Church Hall in Earley, just outside Reading.  Though he had done the initial organisation Mike Woof was unfortunately unable to attend, and Steve Gill stepped in to run the event.

The morning was devoted to exhibits and sales, followed by a break for lunch and then  presentations by Mike Samworth and Steve Gill in the afternoon.  There were many interesting exhibits as well as a good range of microscopes, objectives, eyepieces, accessories and slides for sale, some books and a large number of well-preserved instruction leaflets and booklets for a wide range of microscopes and accessories.

Inspecting items for sale

Inspecting items for sale

Robert Ratford doing some bargaining

Inspecting items for sale

Lisa and Nigel Ashby looking at slides for sale

Spike Walker in conversation

Peter Sunderland (left) in conversation with Spike Walker

Genuflecting before John Milham's stall

Genuflecting before John Millham’s display

Examining Joan Bingley's microtome

Danny Ferri and Gordon Brown examining Joan Bingley’s Leitz sledge-action microtome for sale

Gordon Brown stops for tea

Gordon Brown stops for tea

Klaus Kemp's kaleidoscope for auction

Nigel Williams auctioning Klaus Kemp’s kaleidoscope.  The auction raised £65.


Here is Steve Gill’s PowerPoint presentation on Pseudoscorpions.

Click the arrows to move through the slides. Click the symbol at bottom right for a larger version.