Barnard Awards Gallery (Still Images, Artistic) 2022

An award for artistic merit requires the author to apply good technique both in capturing an image and presenting that image in an appealing way.  As in all artistic endeavours the use of light, colour, texture and composition must be considered.  All the images have accompanying notes that are invaluable to the viewer.  The generous sharing of data is of great help to others wishing to understand and learn good practice.

Barnard Awards for artistic merit.

1. Gordon BrownTrachea of Blowfly. Here is an image that is strongly reminiscent of drawings. The image is balanced such that it can be viewed in any orientation and still look correct. The eye is drawn to the circular shapes within the darker area. The lighter tubular structures take us on a journey from bottom right, through the main picture area, exiting top right.
2. Kevin SmithAluminium torsion test piece. There is a compelling repeating pattern across this image. The larger and better defined shapes in the centre of the image keep our attention. The orange and blue / teal complementary colours always work well together.
3. Deborah KapellBosmina sp. The water fleas in Deborah’s image appear to be having a fun time spinning around together. The rainbow colours of the antennae add to the carnival atmosphere.

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