Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 9th March 2021

The 154th Annual General Meeting of the Quekett Microscopical Club was held via Zoom instead of in the Natural History Museum.  This was made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic, but had the benefit of allowing members from other countries to participate.

Club officers

As a result of the election, the members of the committee who will serve until the AGM in 2022 are:

President: Steve Gill
Vice President: Joan Bingley
Hon. Secretary: Lisa Ashby
Hon. Treasurer: Stephen Parker
Meetings Secretary: Paul Smith
Membership & Publicity Secretary: Robert Ratford
Bulletin Editor: Chris Thomas
Journal Editor: Phil Greaves, to be replaced by Penny Thoyts
Webmaster: Alan Wood
Collections Officer: Phil Greaves
Archives Officer: Phil Greaves
Committee Member: Grenham Ireland
Committee Member: Graham Matthews

The following office holders are not ex-officio members of the Committee:

Members’ Auditor: Nigel Williams
Outreach Organiser: Pam Hamer
Sales Officer: Ray Trapmore
Librarian: Vacancy

Honorary Members

During the year, three new Honorary Members were elected, Joan Bingley, Carel Sartory, and John Gustav Delly.

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