Annual Exhibition of Microscopy

Monday 28th September to Saturday 3rd October 2020

It was not possible to hold the Annual Exhibition in the Natural History Museum this year because of the COVID-19 epidemic, so we arranged a virtual exhibition instead.

  • Members prepared their exhibits as photographs and text that could be displayed on the website
  • Speakers presented their lectures online using Zoom
  • Photomicrographs were displayed in image galleries on the website
  • Videomicrographs were available to watch on the website
  • Slides and artwork were photographed so that they could be shown on the website
  • A gossip meeting was held via Zoom so that the exhibits, photomicrographs, videomicrographs, microscope slides and artwork could be discussed
  • Videos of the lectures and the gossip meeting were made available in the Members’ Area of the website

Steve Gill, QMC President, posted his welcome message on the website:

Welcome to Quekex!

Many of you will have not, in all probability, been able to attend any meetings at all this year. Personally I attended just one meeting in March, before the lockdown, never thinking that it would be my last for 2020. Now, after 6 months of this dreadful situation I feel a sadness that we haven’t met face to face. Friends of more than twenty-five years who normally come to stay a number of times have been unable to do so and collecting trips, where possible, have been solitary affairs.

However, your Committee has been working very hard on your behalf to organise events accessible via the Internet, communicate via e-mail and post images and observations on the various forums. Never have I been so thankful for the advance in technology that enables all this to happen.

Rather than abandoning Quekex, a thing we have had to do for many of our annual events, the Committee (and I have to acknowledge here that I have done hardly anything) have organised as many of the elements as possible to be accessible both via Zoom and/or the website. The programme of events covers 6 days, a major feat of organisation.

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