PMS Pool in Wharfedale meeting

Saturday 6th October 2018

Mike Smith

This meeting of the Postal Microscopical Society in the Village Hall in Pool in Wharfedale clashed with the Quekett’s Annual Exhibition, but still attracted a good crowd of microscopists with their exhibits and sales.

Peter Evennett and Chris Hammond had for sale a variety of microscopes and accessories on behalf of the RMS.

Mike Samworth was offering items from the estate of Steve Edgar.

Mike SamworthMike Samworth (centre)

Mike also used his recently-acquired American Optical AO 20 microscope to demonstrate relief contrast with 2 discs that may have been intended for a Leica inverted microscope.

American Optical AO 20 microscopeAmerican Optical AO 20 microscope

Mike Smith had a number of prepared slides for sale at £1.50 each, and was also selling Zeiss lens wipes.

Mike Smith’s slidesMike Smith’s slides

Colin Lamb was selling microscopes and accessories from the estate of Les Larkman, including a trinocular Reichert Zetopan with dark-ground and phase contrast condensers.

Les Larkman’s microscopesLes Larkman’s microscopes

Colin was also selling a Vickers M41 Photoplan trinocular microscope.

Vickers Photoplan microscopeVickers Photoplan microscope

John Judson was selling a variety of items, and Headingly Microscopes were offering prepared slides at 20p each.

John Judson’s sales table and Geoff Mould choosing slidesJohn Judson’s sales table and Geoff Mould choosing slides

Geoff Scordia and Andy Norman had numerous items for sale.


After lunch there was a video of protozoa filmed in dark ground by Gordon Fitton. This surpassed his usual high standards.

Audience for Gordon Fitton’s videoAudience for Gordon Fitton’s video


The Quekett Microscopical Club provided a grant towards the cost of this event, as part of its remit as a charity to promote microscopy.

Report and photographs by Mike Smith

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