Eric Marson Slide Mounting Awards

The Annual Exhibition of Microscopy will take place on Sunday 3rd October 2021 at Elm Court Youth and Community Centre, 363 Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 3BP. The event will form part of a wider schedule of digital content.

Entry conditions for the Eric Marson Awards 2021

Awards of Merit will be given to slides of excellent quality at the Annual Exhibition of the Quekett Microscopical Club where they will be displayed for other members and guests to inspect and admire. Photographs of the slides and their subjects will be taken in advance and by entering you agree that images may be shown at the online Quekex 2021, on the Club website, they may also be reproduced for use at Club and outreach events. Copyright remains with the author.

This award is a celebration of making microscope slides.  It is designed to provide the opportunity to share good ideas and to develop and encourage the making of slides.


To recognise standards of excellence of Members in making permanent microscopical preparations.
To encourage Members to offer their best work for assessment and possible awards of a Certificate of Merit.


Entry is open to all members of the Quekett Microscopical Club, the Postal Microscopical Society and the Iceni who are not professional slide mounters. In addition to this, entry is also available to family members living in the same household as a Quekett Microscopical Club member.

Any form of mount or preparation will be eligible including ‘whole mounts’ of insects, botanical, geological and other subjects.  Innovation is encouraged, the only requirements being for a permanent mount to be viewed with a microscope.  Mounts can be specifically suited for viewing under low power stereo, medium or the highest magnification of the light microscope. The standard of labelling and general presentation will be considered.

A maximum of 3 mounts per person is allowed.

EACH ENTRY MUST be accompanied by:

a)  a note on the method of collection, where applicable;
b)  a brief description of the technique used in preparation including the type of mountant;
c)  where the preparation justifies examination with a particular magnification or a form of lighting (e.g. dark ground), this should be stated.

How to enter:

Entries should be sent to Mr Graham Matthews, 101 Trafalgar Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2QL by Monday 20th September 2021 with the completed entry form provided. Slides must be identifiable by maker.

None of the Club, the Club’s officers including Mr Graham Matthews and any judge can accept responsibility for loss or damage to slides but, needless to say, the greatest possible care will be taken.

The Exhibition Committee wishes to thank, in advance, those who continue to uphold one of the many traditions of our Club.

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