The Quekett Annual Exhibition of Microscopy 2022

Quekex, the Club’s annual exhibition, will take place on Saturday, 15th October 2022 at Elm Court Youth and Community Centre, 363 Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 3BP. We will offer a physical event alongside an online programme, including exhibits, awards, lectures and gossip.

Exhibits for the Main Exhibition may also be submitted for consideration for one of the Club’s Awards, which recognise excellence in four major areas of microscopy.

Links to more information, entry forms, conditions for the Main Exhibition and for the four Awards sections will be found below.

Main Exhibition

This year entries are welcome on any microscopical subject, entomology, diatoms, plant sections or equipment; whatever interests you, this is your chance to tell others about it.

The Eric Marson Slide Preparation Award

Plant sections, insects, forams or rocks; whatever your area of interest, if you are able to mount your own slides this is your opportunity to show others your best work.

The Barnard Photomicrographic Art Award (Still Images)

For many members, taking photographs through the microscope is a passion. Many of the images that are submitted for the Barnard Award go on to be used in our outreach events to inspire others.

The Barnard Photomicrographic Art Award (Videos)

Perhaps you prefer the challenge of a moving specimen? If so, our video category could be the perfect opportunity to show us how to capture those images.

The Quekett Award for Micrographic Art

Anyone who has tried it knows that drawing what you see through the microscope is not as easy as people might think.  It takes skill and patience to replicate what is seen, and the art exhibit gives the opportunity to recognise those amongst us with these talents.  This award also recognises those members whose microscopy inspires them away from the microscope.  No matter what the medium or how abstract the work, this is your chance to show your creativity.

These four award exhibits are not competitions and we would encourage and welcome entries from all eligible entrants regardless of skill level.  However, awards will be given for excellence.

The closing date for submissions to the Eric Marson Award is Monday, 5th September.   For all other categories the closing date is Saturday 10th September 2022.