Gossip meeting “Sections”

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Lisa and Nigel Ashby

Lisa AshbyLisa Ashby

Lisa Ashby’s Watson slidesSome of Lisa Ashby’s Watson slides

Watson Cathcart-Darlaston microtomeNigel Ashby’s Watson Cathcart-Darlaston microtome

Cathcart-Darlaston microtome in Watson catalogueCathcart-Darlaston microtome in Watson catalogue

Joan Bingley

Joan BingleyJoan Bingley

Joan Bingley’s slides


Dennis Fullwood

Dennis FullwoodDennis Fullwood

Dennis Fullwood’s slidesSome of Dennis Fullwood’s slides

Dennis Fullwood’s set of A. C. Cole histology slidesPart of Dennis Fullwood’s set of A. C. Cole histology slides

Pam Hamer

Pam HamerPam Hamer

Pam Hamer’s slidesPam Hamer’s slides

Mini Diamond File SetMini Diamond File Set

Jacky McPhersonJacky McPherson

Stephen Parker

Stephen ParkerStephen Parker

Stephen Parker’s mouse sectionStephen Parker’s mouse section

Alan Wood

Alan Wood’s exhibitAlan Wood’s exhibit

Alan Wood’s slidesAlan Wood’s slides

Report and most photographs by Alan Wood

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