Northamptonshire Natural History Society

Microscopy Section Annual Exhibition

Sunday 30th June 2019


General viewGeneral view

Joan Bingley

Quekett Shop and Joan Bingley’s exhibitQuekett Shop and Joan Bingley’s exhibit

Barry Ellam

Barry Ellam’s daughtersBarry Ellam’s daughters (with Steve Durr and Lisa Ashby)

Steve Durr

Steve DurrSteve Durr

John Fletcher

Tim Newton and John FletcherTim Newton and John Fletcher (right)

John Fletcher’s exhibitJohn Fletcher’s exhibit

Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson’s exhibitMike Gibson’s exhibit

Steve Gill

Bag of diatomite (Melosira)Bag of diatomite (Melosira)

Grenham Ireland

Grenham Ireland with his exhibitGrenham Ireland with his exhibit

Grenham Ireland’s exhibitGrenham Ireland’s exhibit

Colin Lamb

Colin Lamb’s slidesColin Lamb’s slides

Meopta stereomicroscopeMeopta stereomicroscope

Items from Les Larkman’s estateItems from Les Larkman’s estate

Objectives and eyepieces from Les Larkman’s estateObjectives and eyepieces from Les Larkman’s estate

Cosmos Biomedical

Cosmos Biomedical standCosmos Biomedical stand

John Millham

Robert Ratford and John MillhamRobert Ratford and John Millham (right)

John Millham’s microscopesJohn Millham’s microscopes

John Millham’s objectives and eyepiecesJohn Millham’s objectives and eyepieces

Robert Ratford

Robert Ratford’s exhibitRobert Ratford’s exhibit

Tim Newton and Robert RatfordTim Newton and Robert Ratford (centre)

Dust from the 1944 Mount Vesuvius eruptionSlides of ash from the 1944 Mount Vesuvius eruption

Mike Samworth

Mike Samworth with Joan Bingley and Robert RatfordMike Samworth (left) with Joan Bingley and Robert Ratford

Mike Samworth’s sales tableMike Samworth’s sales table

3D printerPart of a 3D printer

Steve Durr and Mike GibsonSteve Durr and Mike Gibson (right)

Mark Shephard

Mark Shephard and Robert RatfordMark Shephard (left) and Robert Ratford

Mark Shephard’s slidesSome of Mark Shephard’s slides

Deputy Mayor with Mark ShephardDeputy Mayor with Mark Shephard

After a break for lunch, Mike Gibson…

Mike Gibson’s presentationMike Gibson’s presentation

Report and photographs by Alan Wood

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