East Midlands meeting

Saturday 7th April 2018

By Nigel Williams

The East Midlands meeting was held in Lockington Church Hall, a sociable day examining freshwater crustaceans, cladocera and copepods from streams and water cisterns in the area.

2018 Lockington group photograph

In the afternoon, two presentations were made. Nigel Williams’ talk was entitled “From Cetaceans to Copepods, All Creatures Great and Small”. This-all encompassing title allowed a journey across the world, even stopping at Dale Fort en route from the Arctic to Tonga via Mexico, with organisms from 1 mu to 120 feet in length.

Terry Hope’s subject was “The Brain Boys”, a fascinating history of the use of microscopy and staining techniques in the study of the brain, and some of the extraordinary eccentrics involved.

You can see Terry’s PowerPoint presentation here:

Click the arrows to see the next and previous slides; click the symbol at bottom right for a larger version.

As always, a friendly and enjoyable meeting, worthy of your support.

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