Southwest England meeting

Saturday 4th June 2016

David Spears

On June 4th, Mike Crutchley and I hosted a regional Quekett meeting at a new venue, the Neroche Hall, near Taunton in Somerset.

The event was quite well attended by local Quekett members and members of local camera clubs.

Visitors to the meetingGrenham Ireland (left) with visitors to the meeting

The equipment line-up included two Zeiss Photomicroscopes, a Wild stereo, a Hong Kong mini camera with Nikon Micro lenses, a Zeiss Tessovar with a stacking system and a Flatters & Garnet microscope projector with a lens made by Peter Karel Sartory. The Wild and the Zeisses had video cameras displaying images on various monitors.

Microscope benchMicroscope bench

Jeremy Poole showing his SEM imagesJeremy Poole showing his SEM images

I gave a PowerPoint talk on various microscopy techniques, assisted by Mike Crutchley, and we visited my studio in batches to see my scanning electron microscope working and the ancillary equipment needed for specimen preparation.

A lunch buffet was provided by Madeleine Spears and Jackie Kolkowski and was much appreciated. Pete Kolkowsky helped with the set-up and clear up.

Report by David Spears

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