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Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy


This website does not collect information that would allow us to identify you unless you choose to provide it. If you sign up to use our forums, you need to provide a name and an e-mail address, but you do not have to use your real name. If you send us a message using a contact form, you need to provide a name and an e-mail address, but you do not have to use your real name; if you want a reply, then obviously you must provide a real e-mail address. The Club’s membership records are not stored on this website.

First-Party and Third-Party Cookies

A cookie is a small file, typically consisting of letters and numbers, that is stored on a computer or other web-connected device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies allow a website to recognise a combination of a browser and a user’s device.

First-party cookies are cookies that are set by the Quekett website when you visit it; these are for the actual website ( and for the database that stores the text and images (

Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by other websites when you visit the Quekett website.

Quekett Microscopical Club

The design of the Quekett website means that it cannot function without first-party cookies. In addition to these cookies, the Quekett website sets a first-party cookie when a member of the Club signs in. Without this cookie, a member of the Club would need to sign in each time they go to another page in the Members’ Area of the website. This cookie is deleted when the member signs out. Members can opt to have their Username remembered; this sets a cookie that persists and is not deleted when signing out.

Google Analytics

The Quekett website uses Google Analytics to set first-party cookies to help us to record the number of visitors to our website, the pages that they visit, and the route that they take through our website. We use this information to help us improve our website, for example by making the navigation easier to use or by improving access to under-used pages. For more information, please see Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites.


There are PowerPoint presentations embedded in some pages of the Quekett website that are hosted on Microsoft’s OneDrive. When you view the presentations, Microsoft may set cookies. For more information, please see the Microsoft Online Privacy Statement.


Some of the videos that are embedded in pages of the Quekett website are hosted on the Vimeo website, and when you view the videos Vimeo may set cookies. For more information, please see the Vimeo Cookie Policy.


Some of the videos embedded in pages of the Quekett website are hosted on the YouTube website, and when you view the videos YouTube may set cookies. YouTube is owned by Google; for more information, please see the Google Privacy Policy.

Controlling Cookies by Browser Settings

Most web browsers allow you to choose whether or not to allow cookies to be stored on your computer or other web-connected device. You may be able to set an overall policy and then create exceptions for websites that you specify. You may be able to delete all or selected cookies. Blocking or deleting some or all cookies may make some features or facilities of the Quekett website unavailable.

Links to Other Websites

This privacy notice does not cover other websites to which there are links within the Quekett site. We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites that you visit.

The Quekett Microscopical Club makes no representations as to the security quality or propriety of any website which may be accessed through this website and accepts no liability for the content or loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused by the use of or reliance on information contained in such websites or goods or services purchased therefrom.

Connected websites accessed through this website are independent websites over which the Club does not exercise any control either financial editorial or of any other kind and are not in any way endorsed by the Club. Persons using this website are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

We keep our privacy notice under regular review. This privacy notice was last updated on 20th June 2015.

How to Contact Us

Requests for information about our privacy policy can be e-mailed to the Club using the link in the right-hand column. If you prefer, you can write to us:

The Quekett Microscopical Club
c/o The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
South Kensington
United Kingdom

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